The NEW Burberry Knight Bag

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    It's covered in studs, it's shiny, it's dark, it's not classic Burberry, it's... not for everyone.

    Hello tPF members! I'm new (Hi! :flowers:), so I thought I'd start by opening a thread about my favorite new bag of the season. This one is simply amazing imo, it's my perfect tote. Though I'm the Chic Edgy Girl. :rolleyes: I definitely do not think this bag is for everyone. Not only is this one of those bags most would not be able to pull off correctly, I'm sure some people will find it simply hideous! :lol: But if everyone liked the same thing, there would be no personal style. To each their own! :yes:

    One reason I love this bag is the size. It's a large bag, however it's not completely overwhelming, which is important to me. Being a lean girl I have to watch out for that!

    Though I cannot seem to find this bag anywhere, it's completely sold out at Burberry, Net-a-porter, etc! :crybaby: Anyone know where it's still in stock?

    Price Tag: $2995

    I attached some pictures so enjoy!

    knight.jpg knight3.jpg knight5.jpg knight6.jpg knight7.jpg
  2. You're right, it is a stunning bag! You can still see it on the Burberry UK site and make them notify you when it is in stock again..
  3. this is from last season right??? they had the studded one on sale in singapore.. i tried it on but it was way too heavy and impractical for my daily usage.. love the size tho! so got it in housecheck instead hehe cuz its alot lighter.. let us know if u decide to get it
  4. It's a GREAT bag! Try calling Nordstroms to see if they can still locate it for you. 714-549-8300.. I hope you find it!:yes:
  5. I actually love this bag but it is heavy for me
  6. There was one left when I got mine at the Scottsdale, Arizona Burberry store.
  7. It is a lovely bag
  8. Yes, this bag is still available in stores. I just saw it the other day in Boston (Copley mall). It's gorgeous, I agree!!
  9. :ty: all so much for the replies!

    valerieteo: It's from the fall season, but it recently became available. (Not sure about Burberry directly)

    Addy: I've heard this bag is heavy, have you tried it on?

    Anyone know how heavy the knight bag is? :hrmm:
  10. I bought it and returned it. It is extremely heavy even without all of my stuff inside it. But it is gorgeous.
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  11. I have this one and agree it's both huge and really heavy. A great winter bag though. It was in the sales in the UK and Europe. I am liking the look of the new knight - studded with smaller studs (gold/ brass coloured) in cream leather for summer. They have offered to order it into Manchester which could be fatal...
  12. The studded Rowan weighs 5 kilograms - I think that's about 11 lbs!!! And that's when the bag is empty!!! Who on earth designs such a weighty monster? Arnold Schwarzenegger?
    Someone in the German forum bought it and sent it right back to where it came from...
    Regina :shocked:
  13. The Rowan weighs that much? I believe 5 kilos is 10 pounds... That is insane!!!! :shocked:

    Though Cameron and Nikki seem to be holding the knight bag with a single arm, no problem. You certainly couldn't be doing that with a 10lbs of bag + your things inside. The Rowan and Knight look superficially similar. I wonder what the difference in weight is. :hrmm:
  14. NEW Burberry Knight Bag is stunning and can be use to all occasion.