The new Bond,Daniel Craig, is best-dressed man

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  1. This is according to Esquire magazine's third annual sartorial ranking. while at #2 is John Legend. 'He dresses exactly like he sounds: smooth', Esquire notes. Terrence Howard at #3 and Jake Gyllenhaal at #4. Nick Cave at #5 spot. Well, i'm a bit disappointed with the result. Why not John Legend at #1??? or Jake??? it must be because of his new role as Mr. Bond!
    I'm sorry to all Craig's fans, but, I dont like daniel craig as the new bond! Leslie Nielsen even would do so much better than him.
    Anyway......Esquire also named some worst dressed celebs. They are: Axl Rose, Marc Anthony and, this is surprising, Sean Preston Federline !

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  2. Daniel Craif in the movie Layer Cake is HOT HOT HOT!!! I am dying to see Casino Royale!!! He's got WICKED eyes!!!
    daniel_craig2.jpg daniel_craig3.jpg daniel_craig4.jpg royale3.jpg royale8.jpg royale_earlyposter.jpg
  3. I wasn't a Daniel Craig fan until I saw Layer Cake too... and then I remembered that he was that psychotic priest from Elizabeth. First hearing that he was Bond, I wasn't too thrilled, but I think he'll do a fine job. And Irene's right, he's got some crazy eyes!
  4. EDIT: Oops... doublepost
  5. OMG! I love Daniel Craig! He is my fantasy man LOL!:shame:
  6. he is very good looking.... but i must say, he is not as good looking as the other bonds.....
    i think jude law would be a great bond, with the english accent on top of the ladies man mentality.
  7. i still prefer Pierce Brosnan as 007.. but daniel craig is not bad-looking either...
  8. hm.... ok now i think there's something seriously wrong with me :hrmm: all u ladies think he's gorgeous, right? usually.. i can disagree but understand why ppl do... but i kinda think he's ugly.... :yucky:

    Don't ban me! :wlae:
  9. I think Daniel Craig is HOT but each to their own - I mean it would be really boring it we all liked the same man!!:yes:

    I also thought he was fab in layercake!!
  10. If you just look at him at a pic you say OK but when you listen at his super sexy brit accent and combine it with his killer body and incredible eyes well then he is a totally different person...:nuts:
  11. i agree with you, i don't see the appeal! i don't think i'll be seeing casino royale.:shrugs:
  12. I don't like the new Bond! Talk about turning the original Bond look upside down. Bond is supposed to look sophisticated, dark and handsome not Blonde and scruffy and square :sad:

    They had to stop shooting Casino Royale for a week because he didn't know how to drive stick! *le sigh*
  13. I don't like the new bond either...I kinda think he isn't attractive at all!!!

    I agree with Bond being dark, tall, and handsome :smile:
  14. i'm with u on this...
    there's old but HOT men like brosnan, sean connery. liam neeson, sting... but craig is just a plain old man to me... nothing appealing.
  15. seahorse and mahbag omg i'm so glad there're ppl out there who agree with me! :P
    alice that's SO true! he totally turned the look inside out... :Push:and i don't like that...!! he's so scruffy and bummy lookin'.. :censor: and BOND can't drive stick!? ok that was a major turn off......:wtf:
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