The New Bergamo MM

  1. Nice compliment to the damier line. Congrats
  2. looks good on you! i was in the crown store today- was going to ry it on but with all the other purchases forgot about it! definitely looks good on you!
  3. That bag was made for you simply stunning enjoy:smile:
  4. Congrats on your Bergamo -- it looks great on you!!
  5. This bag is so pretty and really looks lovely on you too!
  6. Wow! This is a really beautiful bag! Very classy and elegant...the epitome of LV! Enjoy! :smile:
  7. It such a beautiful bag, and you're so pretty as well! A big congratulations! :biggrin:
  8. wow, beuatiful!!! congrats! i saw it today at the boutique, very pretty!!
  9. Beautiful, very elegant!
  10. Congrats on your bag! You look so cute with it!
  11. So classy! I love the closure... very special! Congrats
  12. Congrats!! Looking good! :smile:
  13. You must be very tiny because I tried on the MM size and it did not look that big on me. I was hoping it would. The GM is huge, like luggage, and would have overwhelmed you. In any case it is a very lovely bag, just not quite as large as I needed it to be. Great modeling shots, congrats!!
  14. Pretty bag and it looks great on you!
  15. Very nice! She looks great on you ;)