The New Beige/Cream/Ivory Mini Lin Mono line..??

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  1. Hello!

    I went to LV today & saw the new Mini Lin line in Ivory thats coming out on March 1st. I put a speedy on special order hold and I am wondering if anyone knows where I can find pics of this line ONLINE?!

  2. A cream mini lin? Sounds good!
  3. yess! cream colored!!! it looks very elegant!
  4. Sounds pretty... But isn't it hard to take care?

  5. I suppose the color would Ahhh...this is gonna be a hard one.
  6. I heard about the new Minlin color when i went to LV last time. The light color kinda worries me....:sweatdrop:
  7. The color is called dune, like sand. Should be no harder to take care of than khaki mini monogram, I bet. The ebene sure holds up well, so we'll see!! How exciting...
  8. will they come out in the pnk and baby blue also? saw the diaper bag in pink and baby blue.. its beautiful!
  9. the new color is call Dune for mini lin, and Ivory is for the new Epi color:love:
  10. I can't WAIT to see this in person! I'm on the waitlist too and I'm sooo excited! :wlae: