The new Balenciagas

  1. Hello! Has anyone seen or buy the new ones with the gold rivets?
    The midnight blue looks dammed good, that I am almost sold :yahoo:I practically drool in my local boutique
  2. I love the GH. I purchased the Grass green Day with GH. I am so in love with it. I hope they go forward into Fall with it as well.

    There seems to be a really "love it" or really "hate it" feeling about it.
  3. jewelqueen have you posted photos of your new grass green bag?
  4. I've seen them at my Saks and I love the grass green with gold hardware!
  5. No because I don't know how. :s :rolleyes:
  6. OK...I took the picture and tried to attach it but my "file is too large"

    :confused1: ......I'll keep working on it.
  7. YES. it was nice agst the dark blue! I will not normally go for gold as evry piece of jewellery I have is either white gold or platinum.. but this was nice as the rivets were industrial audio hi fi type criss cross finish. Sa had brought it out for me to see....When the sa saw the longing look on my face.. she quickly snatched it away and said it was reserved.:shrugs:
  8. Would really love to see a pic of the french blue :yes:

  9. I just received my Natural Part-time with GH...I absolutely LOVE the Natural/GH combo on this bag and want a smaller GH bag in either Vert Gazon or Bleu de France. Anyway, here are some pics!

    NatPT1.jpg Family1 (2).jpg NatGHPart-time.JPG