The new Balenciagas...

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  1. Here are the two new Balenciagas I found on Ebay.
    Also, I include a picture of my stuff (what goes in my bag, minus my sidekick because that sits in front zipper pouch and not relevant to interior size. I include this so you can see how the First and the City differ in size when stuff it put in it. The first is small.

    The caramel was from personalshoppers; it was her personal b-bag; I got it for under $800 - now, I am not compelled to buy/oggle the new season camel; thus saving me $$.

    The second is the ice blue city - bought from a member of tFS, who bought it on ebay from a member from tFS. This bag was more of an authenticity gamble - but, I had to have this color.

    Don't hold back your opinions ladies - I can take it. :biggrin:

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  2. I like that ice blue shade!
  3. Man, Balenciaga! They sure know how to produce colors for every whim!
  4. Oooohhhhh, and the leather is squishy, too! Congrats Loganz!
  5. Wow - they're so lovely!
  6. I had the ice blue my bf brought it for me from fance but I sold it cause I was more in love with the chocolate brown and winter was coming. If summer was starting I would prob go witht he blue. Its authentic the blue. I think its called ICE blue or something like that or snow blue. It was made for fall winter 05-06
  7. Congrats, Loganz. The ice blue is pretty, but I am a sucker for a caramel bag! I hope you are happy with them.

    BTW, have you seen the Balenciaga wallets that have been popping up on Bluefly lately...
  8. i can see why you are a little iffy on the icy blue..

    and it was YOU who won that caramel. LOL. nice steal.
  9. LOL :biggrin: - yes, I contacted PS and she made me an offer; were you watching it?
  10. Gorgeous, Loganz!!! You're a bad influence on me, with all these beautiful bags!!! =)
  11. How come the med looks so small...
    I have a come the med sometimes looks pretty big, and other times, looks so small??? Is there a third med size?
  12. TRES BIEN Loganz!!!!

    I would LOVE to find the Black & White Damask Medium City that was just featured in (either) Vogue or Bazaar (Feb-2006). I just LOVE :love: LOVE :love: LOVE :love: that bag!!!

    If I don't manage to get it, I think I'm going to go for the Summer Emerald (since I missed out on the 2005 Apple Green). Plus, if the Emerald is anything like the Computer Tote bag that Balenciaga did last year (2005 Fall), then I'm ALL OVER IT!!!!
  13. Beautiful, Loganz! I'm so jealous :P Love the caramel color, it is gorgeous! I do hope that the ice blue is authentic, it's very pretty :love:
  14. it is because it is all smooshed when it is on a flat surface; my stuff is not "stuffing" it; like it is in the First.

    When I am holding the City in the mirror it looks much larger.
  15. Nice buys!

    The summer emerald is now showing on the Brown's website...