The New Balenciaga Subforum- PLEASE READ!!!

  1. For those of you who are unsatisfied with the current layout, I am truly sorry that the reference section is not up to your expected needs. However, please note that we are not catering to the few but the many, and many have found what we have done thus far to be sufficient. If you find it insufficient I welcome you to participate in bettering the reference section by including your own researched information.

    While we truly appreciate everyone's comments and suggestions, it appears that there is a huge misconception as to what the new Balenciaga subforum is designed to do. This is a general forum about Balenciaga, and the purpose is for our enjoyment, perusement and revelment of a brand, not to become an expert or resource of the "how to's" of Balenciaga. Please understand that we are merely moderators of this subforum, and are not web designers and are not putting together a Balenciaga website. That is not our job, nor is it our intent (we all have jobs outside of the PF and simply do not have that kind of time to devote to such a task). I welcome anyone who is up for the job to go for it- I am happy to help in any way I can.

    Again, as we have done in other forums, if you would like to see a particular thread in the reference section, by all means start the thread in the main section for others to contribute, and when it is finished we (the mods) can clean it up and incorporate it into the Reference area. The reference area will be as good as everyone here makes it.
  2. Yowza! I hate to think what comments you've been innundated with to trigger this thread. I for one think you guys have done a brilliant (albeit thankless) job. So I say thank you.
  3. jag, I agree with your sentiments 100%. tPF isn't in the business of developing websites or focusing on the minute technicalities of a bag. Please ladies, let's remember that we come to the bbag forum to enjoy each others bags and to support one another in the hobby of owning beautiful handbags. :tup:
  4. yes, a big THANK YOU to Jag and the others who have tirelessly helped her in getting this B-Bag Forum where it is now.:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
    Can we all just get back to shallow obsessing and stop w/ the critical posts?:wondering
  5. Jag,you've truly done a great job,thank you very much:tpfrox:
  6. Ditto jag's message...

    A lot (and I mean a lot!) of time and energy was spent on this subforum to make it user-friendly for all who come here. And it looks pretty amazing IMO! :yes:

    Be thankful that we are allowed to be here and enjoy tPF for what it is. :tup:
  7. are you kidding me? you have done an amazing job in an incredibly short period of time! i can't even imagine how much effort has gone into this forum the last couple of weeks. i'm not sure what other feedback you've been getting but i hope you know you are truly much loved and appreciated!!!
  8. Jag you are doing a magnificent job, and you have stated so many times that it is a work in progress...
    You get a :tup: from most of us!
  9. I'm wondering if this was partly prompted by my comment that I wish we could use a web page format instead of the forum thread format. I did not in any way mean to minimize the amount of work you have put into this reference. I was just pointing out how constraining the medium is, but I realize that it's not realistic to expect tPF to be able to create and maintain a web page, and so we need to stick with this format.

    I remember someone posting to the forum that they really wanted to do a webpage. Is there any possibility that you would allow them to use the info posted here in the tPF reference to create such a website, or would they again need to start from scratch?

    Thank you for everything and I will try and make any suggestions I have in the future a lot more succinct and realistic. ;)
  10. I would suggest that if someone wants to use something from here they should not ask publicly, but privately PM Vlad:yes:

  11. ^^ ditto, you gals *R*O*C*K!!! :tup:
  12. I think we need to show some appreciation to the folks that did a lot of work to organize this subforum, rather than nitpicking everything. Let's face it, this is not ateleirnaff, and it's not going to BE ateliernaff. So the sooner everyone gets over that, the better, so we can enjoy chatting about bags again.
  13. Wow, I can't believe anyone is criticizing! The organization and depth of materials here is amazing. As an example, I was floored when I saw that jag (and maybe other mods) not only took the time to organize the colors by year with cracker's wonderful palettes but she also pulled photos from various threads to give examples of actual bags in those specific colors. It took my breath away because I knew that took a lot of time.

    [For any TPF user who's having trouble finding familiar information, the advanced search function is really helpful. For example, the option to search by post helps you narrow in on something very specific like removing smoke odor from a used bag you bought.]

    We shouldn't look this gift horse (it is a gift!) in the mouth especially given the fact that Balenciaga itself does not allow photos on retail sites. This is our only resource and it's a fantastic one! :woohoo:
  14. Agree roo. However, I think some gals are missing the valuable information that the certain website shared. I am willing to give the benefit to the gals that it's not really about the pf Bbag reference section layout not being good enough, but that they are just really missing the wealth of information that has been chosen to no longer be shared. It's unfortunate, but there are plenty of ladies around here who can help and will share their knowledge with us.

    Thank you to the Mods! :tup:
  15. I am very happy with the new forum:tup: I think the Mods put a lot of time and hard work into it and did a great job! thanks:drinks: