The new bag with double chains, flap w/CC in the new caviar is called...

  1. what? I have been told THREE different names and when doing a search, a whole host of bags come up.

    Timeless classic flap
    Classic Timeless flap
    Timeless flap

    It's the new bag that has been added to the line. I've seen a few pictures here but the above names don't bring them up. It has 3 sections.. I think Jill may have post a picture of it. It retails for $2595 and is in the new caviar. Anyone know the name of this? (DH asked me as I was going on about this gorgeous white bag at NM. I never look at white bags, but this one just screamed my name, lol). Thank you ladies. I'm going to search "Jill's posts" and see if I can find it (if she was the one).
  2. ROFL I was told the same three names., but I think at the end they said timeless flap, but not sure, I think I am waitlisted for it in yellow.....if it is the same one....:heart:H
  3. OH..LOL...It IS from the timeless collection.I call it the ACCORDIAN bag..LMAO...but the box usually just has timelees flap tote on it.
  4. It is a new addition to the timeclassic collection for the spring. NM currently has it in black and white.
  5. Lol, so what the hell IS this poor bag called? I can just see a bunch of tPF's receiving thier boxes and saying "WTF? I did NOT order THIS bag!" due to the name issue.

    Did Saks get this bag or only NM? Thanks ladies!!:smile:
  6. Saks and NM got this bag
  7. Bloomies did too! I love it!
  8. I just call it the GST flap. :lol:
  9. pic?
  10. ^ That's just it; I can't post one cause I don't know what it's called to search for it, lol.:lol: