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  1. My daughter fell in love with the coral Audrey yesterday. We can't decide whether to get the regular or large. We like the look of the regular better but she wants to be able to carry her schoolbooks in it, so we think we might need the large.
  2. Just make sure that those handles are strong enough to hold up for books. Mine feel pretty thin to last through that sort of weight. K
  3. Thanks. I didn't even think of that. She has two Glams that she has been using but they are getting pretty ratty. We also liked the idea of patent leather for its durability.
  4. :cloud9:

    Regular Ivory and Medium Navy Patent

  5. I am loving all of these pictures right now. I ordered the patent navy today and now I'm just anxiously waiting!
  6. How does this bag hold up? Do you have any modeling pics? I am debating buying one and need to decide before the auction is up. I have a black Laila and an oppurtunity to get a slate Laila but it is so much money and now this one is catching my eye
  7. Ms Coal Audrey - $125
  8. Ms Ivory - $105
  9. Ms Lagoon - $125
  10. wow...good bag, good prize:party:
  11. Does not having a zipper bother anyone?
  12. [​IMG]
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    Personally, it doesn't bother me at all. The medium is deep and I have most of my items in zipped accessorie's. So I guess it would be a deal breaker for some.

    I noticed you have the gunmetal :smile: How is it holding up?
  14. Pretty good. I have the smaller size one, but I really enjoy carrying her around. Sometimes the lack of zipper bothers me (guess because its been a lot of rain out here lately) but still love her :smile:
  15. Thats good! I seen the gunmetal, it is a pretty tote. I like the patent more though because of weather changes. The unzipped closure really isn't an issue, like I said. The medium is deeper and I just bought a nice cos case to keep all my loose things in. I hope you continue to luv her.:smile: