The New Amarante Vernis Color *Demo Pics*

  1. Hi, I heard the new vernis color "Amarante" should be coming out on June and I just can't wait!!! So I used photoshop and try to do a mockup, so everyone can have an idea what it is gonna look like :p I heard the Amarnate color should look like the "Vamp" from Chanel, so I hope this is close enough...

  2. it looks poinsonous. I like pomme better, but it's not bad.
  3. totoau, that's a very good match to the pics I saw! When the BF saw it, he said it was a very "gothic" looking color. (shh! no one needs to tell him that I'm waitlisted for it though,he he he)
  4. oooohhhh i think i like it more than the pomme!!! looks great! looks devious almost
  5. you go girl!

    This color reminds me of the purple Mat from a while back, I'd definitely get something in Amarante, thanks for the 'pre-view':nuts:
  6. Thanks for this! I like it!
  7. i will be waitlisting for all my stuff in march when i'm in new york. one of the reasons i am eventually getting the perle ludlow is because it will go GORGEOUS with this color. but i do think it is going to be less purpley...more like burgandy/ black cherry sorta.
  8. Wow, thanks for the pix..!
  9. that is hot
  10. I agree, it'll look DARK purple in the light and nearly black without a direct light on it. Black cherry is a good way to describe it :yes:

    Thanks for the visual, totoau!
  11. That is Gorgeous! What a great color for FAll! HOT!
  12. Oo its gorgeous!
  13. Wow, it looks tdf. Can't wait for it.
  14. kinda like it
  15. that color would be awesome.. :smile: