The New Adventures of Old Christine

  1. I love this show.

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus totally deserved that Emmy and I'm glad she was the one who broke The Seinfeld Curse.

    I never really watched Watching Ellie, but I remember coming across it while flipping through the channels and got into it.

    If someone's been on a show for so long, you can't help but fear that you're going to see them in a different show and still think of them as that same character. Not once did I see the show and think "Elaine!"

    Christine is nothing like Elaine.

    I love the difference between Working Divorced Mom Christine and the two Private School Moms, Marly and Lindsay.
  2. The episodes I saw (and loved) are

    The Other F Word - Concerned about the uniformity of Ritchie's schoolmates, Christine takes it upon herself to help diversify the student body at his private school.

    Teach Your Children Well - Christine feels pressured to throw an extravagant party for Ritchie's 9th birthday, his first involving other children from his new private school. Recoiling from sticker shock after meeting with a ritzy event planner, Christine decides to have an arts and crafts party at her home, with mixed results.

    Richard: It shouldn't be this difficult. I mean I said 'I love you' on our first date, and you said it back to me.
    Christine: We had just seen 'Ghost', I would have told the movie-usher I loved him.
    Richard: It's good to know our marriage was based on such a rock solid foundation.
    Christine: It worked out pretty good... except for the divorce.