The Neverfull GM arrived yesterday!

  1. I told DH I haven't been this excited about the FedEx guy in a long time!!! It has been 3 years since I bought my last LV and I plan on making up for lost time. This was the first; next I am going to buy the Epi Madeleine GM in black, a Batignolles Horizontal (or a Speedy 25 with strap, can’t decide) and a Speedy Mini Lin black. Probably all before XMas!!!!

    I am on the fence with this bag. I don't know if it is too large for me and I am wondering if I should have gone with the MM. The purpose for the bag is a diaper bag and a tote-all.

    Opinions on size?

    BTW, I know I am a wreck this morning. Busy morning with the baby and a nice long run before taking these shots!



  2. I think it looks good on you but I think you'd be just as happy with the MM size, I think they hold a lot no matter what size they are!! Congrats! :smile:
  3. i think it looks perfect on u!!!
    i love neverfull :yes:
  4. I think the GM looks great on you! I should be getting my GM delivered in the next few days. I'm really hoping it's the right size for me. I'm 6'0", so I didn't even consider a smaller size.
  5. it looks great on you! congrats!
  6. Congrats! If you are using it for a diaper/all purpose bag, then I think you definitely got the right size.
  7. I love anything LV that's GM size...your bag looks great.
  8. looks great on you
    how does the bag feel when u have the side untied??
  9. Congrats!
    I think it looks great on you and its a perfect size for diapers and as tote-all! :tup:
  10. Congrats on the new bag and welcome back to the addicting world of LV! :devil:
  11. Looks great!!!! Congrats!!!
  12. :yes::yes:me too. I have it also and its big, but I love it.:love:
  13. I think it looks great on you & agree with the other, that the GM should be a good size for you esp if you're using it for a diaper bag too.
  14. Congrats - it looks lovely on you !
  15. Ooooh I love the GM on you!!! Now I'm thinking about that instead of the MM!!!!