the Neverfull Bag

  1. I saw this bag a few seasons ago and loved it but I thought it was only available to VIP's and was out of stock by now. But flicking through my catalogue I see that its still available but isnt on the LV website. Can anyone give me any info on it such as price etc. :smile:
  2. I'ts $2600 and available on
  3. thanks. I cant buy from Eluxury I dont think they post to they ?
  4. I loved this bag from the picture on elux, went to see it...didn't like it as much as I thought I would.
  5. It looks great... Here's one on display... ;)

  6. I love this bag sooo much from the display pics....ashame about the price tho lol, $2,600 I wouldnt pay that for it, I would love to see one on eBay tho :biggrin:
  7. I love the look of it, but I just know that if I bought it, it would get a big stain on that poor unprotected canvas- and for the same price, I could get three keepalls/ a Cruiser and a keepall/be only a few hundred away from a steamer/ or be halfway towards a Suhali L'Extravagant!
  8. I have the poids plume from this range and I LOVE it:heart: I have never really worried about the canvas at all.
  9. i like the name, Neverfull, how catchy!
  10. That's just what I thought when I saw it....I was so ready to buy it, but it just wasn't right.

    After that I must have tried half the bags in the
  11. i really love the look of the Triannon line. it would've been nice if they kept them in production and changed the colours of the Suhali trims once in a while. and maybe introduce more styles too - imagine a Lockit GM/Voyage in Trianon canvas with that "V" symbol just like the original. but i agree, their price-points are a bit too dear to be justifiable. i'd rather spend it on Tobago or Suhali.
  12. I agree imagine a trianon lockit:love:
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