The Neverfull Azur Gossip...

  1. My bff who is at Singapore right now just texted me and said... she heard the SA metioned to a costumer that neverfull azur is coming out very soon....but still wud not say the exact date.... grrrrrrrrrrr...........Im really wondering now if it will ever come out....some say that since nevefull in monogram is doing good in the market the azur line will actually take time to be released... oh my....:crybaby:
  2. congrats on your new job carreja :yahoo:
  3. :yahoo:oh wow! really??? so lucky to get a reply from an actual sa!:graucho: but you think it will rally come out? Im a huge fan/collector of the azur line hope you understand:rolleyes: oh and btw.... damier in black graphite is that how they call it? is it for mens line only? is is true?:idea:
  4. I don't have an Azur piece but the Neverfull is a really cute bag :yes:
  5. do you work at the one inside the galleria? Because that's the one i go to!! :yes:

  6. ^^oh wow Justin. Merideth is my SA, she is sooo sweet!!

    I'll be sure to ask for you so i can say hi!!! take care :flowers:
  7. oh my!:yahoo: I'm so happy for the job you landed on:tup: have not seen the damier shaded gris so far...but the graphite is gorgeous... you see louis vuitton here in the philippines is very expensive... it's plus $200 here like for example the tivoli is around $800 there here it will cost you around $1200 or more...all louis vuitton here are made in france by the way... and oh did I ever mention here in this forum that I have personally met the 6th generation louis vuitton grandson last dec 6 during the Louis vuitton event here in manila:woohoo: My family is a VIP client here in manila:smile:
    and oh have you heard of the MONTORGUEIL? I saw it only in pictures did that ever come out? THANKS SOOOOOOO MUCH FOR ALL THE SHARING!!!!!:yahoo:
  8. I would bet the Azur Neverfull will be released late 2008 or even 2009.
    They kept postponing the Azur Berkeley, even when pics of it showed up in catalogs early last spring, and it finally came out in Jan. {{{sigh}}}..... guess I will have to consider the Matisse for my summer beach bag now.....
  9. hi, bornsocialite26! it's good to know there are a lot more from manila at TPF! the montorqueil was released last Feb6 at the Chinese New Year VIP party. i haven't been back since then so i'm not sure if they still have some in stock and i didn't ask if there was a waitlist. try calling Greenbelt again.

  10. Hello there! thanks for the 411! glad to encounter a fabulous La pinay in this forum Im kat btw....soooooo dying to get that:wlae: purse