the neverdfull isnt a limited edition is it?

  1. cuz imma buy this bag in a few months but i dont want it to be gone:confused1:
  2. Not that i know of, I called Lv yesterday and they didnt say anything to me about that.
  3. 866 and my SA both told me that the Neverfull is not LE.
  4. i was told my an LV SA that its here to stay.
  5. Yup, everyone has it, it's permanent, not LE. The only piece that's more limited is the Trunks & Bags mini pochette.
  6. yay thanks guys!! Im getting the gm in sep or oct
  7. If you're interested a Damier version will be out in November.
  8. NO I can hardly imagine that, it'll probably stay around for a long while (permanent collection) as it will appear in damier ebony and azur by 2008. Maybe it'll come in other materials too.
  9. no i want the mono. I dont care for the damier.
  10. All 3 sizes are available on ELuxury right now.:biggrin: