The Neutral Bag in September Vogue

  1. on page 417.
  2. pics please since i'm not in the states :sad:
  3. I'd like to see it too...I don't get Vogue.
  4. Here ya go! My Vogue just came last Friday...

  5. 0o0o0o0o looks like a nice BIG bag! 0o0o0o0 thanks for posting up the pic!!! :wlae:
  6. No problem!;)
  7. tres niceee!
  8. That looks great! Thanks so much for posting it!
  9. I'm not loving this bag for some reason...maybe I am missing the tassles!:lol:
  10. This is from the Linea Metallica line, yes? I wonder if that's what s/s 07 "neutral" color would look like...
  11. ^^ I was wondering the same thing! If they have two new "neutral" colors come out there may be some confusion... love the idea of a natural leather though!

    Thanks so much for posting this picture!!
  12. When I heard about the new neutral coming out in '07, I think I just pictured something lighter in color...could just be me though. This is a pretty color though.