The Nerve of these ebay seller's!

  1. I can't believe there is an eBay seller selling a multi-colour theda bag for over $1,000. And It's soooooo fake.:rant: I can't get over the fact they are so willing to scam people for money. I reported this seller to eBay and hope the listing gets cancelled. eBay buyers beware of things you buy there. I too am an ebayer bought 3 real bags from there. However, I have been scamed before. Not a pleasent experience.:yucky:
  2. the link?
  3. Hope to see it before it gets cancelled.
  4. Ooops, please only link it in the sticky specifically for bad eBay fakes please!
  5. I Condemn These Ppl!
  6. no duplicate posts please, also this isn't an Authenticate This! thread ;)