The nerve of the fakers..

  1. I´m trembling and very upset. As some of you know I recently found out that the Stam and wallet I bought from Sweden are fakes. I lost a lot of money. I´ve been calling the store and the manager finally called me yesterday. She is being very rude and condensending. She is saying things like "we can´t do anything since you paid with cash" ( I have the receipt still, that doesn´t seem to matter). She was saying that she will not return the money unless I come to the store (it´s in Sweden!! It costs me a lot of money to get there) and show her the proof of the fakeness. I don´t know what to do, what to say to her. Any ideas, please chip in.
  2. Thats appalling customer service. Is there a pf member in Sweden who perhaps you could send it to who could do it on your behalf?

    Alternatively maybe you should take a strong approach and explain to the Store that selling fakes is ILLEGAL and given their stance you have no option other than to report them to the Police

    Thats a joke - I would be so :censor: mad!
  3. I have no idea how things like this work in Sweden, but in the UK we have a Trading Standards office in every town. They are there to keep retailers & service providers (like, say builders) in check & stop this sort of thing.

    I would most definitely look into whether something like this exists in Sweden, I'm sure it would, then make contact with them. I'm sure a quick call from them to the store would sort it all out pretty sharpish:biggrin:

    Rather than waiting to get your cash back from the store, I'd give them a credit or debit card to refund the amount on to & send the goods back once you have the refund. They won't be happy to do this at all, but if trading Standards get involved they will insist on it. (You may find that Trading Standards will want to have the items themsleves to use as evidence. I saw a shop near me selling fake Guccis & I called trading standards & within two days they had gone in to the store with a warrant & seized all the fake goods)

    As Rachel points out, selling fakes is illegal.

    Good luck wit hit & let us know what happens.
  4. I'm so sorry about your experience. I have no advice to offer, but I am crossing my fingers that this gets resolved positively. Good luck!
  5. Thanks a lot Parkavenueprincess and RachelA! I´m gonna call around to see if there is a Trading Standards in Sweden, I didn´t even know these exist! Thanks for the hint :roflmfao: Also if there isn´t one, I´m gonna threaten them with the police and see what happens. This is so annoying and frustrating.
  6. I called the woman again and said that I will be taking the matter to the police if I don´t get a refund immediately and left my account number. She agreed to refund me! Now, let´s see if she actually does. Can you imagine that she said I am being rude as I am threathening her when there is no need. I said I don´t really give a damn, I just want my money back for fake items.
  7. Thank goodness they're finally agreeing to give you your money back!!!

    Sad that you had to threaten them before they finally decided to be decent people though.
  8. Nola, crossing fingers for you. Hope you will get your $$ back. Hugs~
  9. Keep us updated!!!
  10. Nola good luck and keep us updated.
  11. Thanks guys! I will :yes:
  12. Hi Nola

    I am so glad you are getting somewhere - at the end of the day who cares what the Seller thinks of you as long as you get your money back!!

    I also think perhaps you should suggest (once you have the money!) she brushes up on her customer relations skills!!

    Good Luck:flowers:
  13. thats such a horrible story nola!! I am so sorry to hear about that, and hopefully you will get your money back asap! I had a similar thing happen to me but it was over ebay and i knew as soon as I got the fake, so it was a little easier to deal with. Keep us updated!
  14. :wtf:

    where was that???
  15. I hope I won't be in the same situation with my quilted Venetia (got from a reputable & trustworthy seller) which doesn't have a pouch pocket. I kept thinking that certain detail (can vary from season to season) is not enough to make mine a fake. I'll have to find out whether my assumption was wrong....What a bummer...