The Nerve of Some Sellers

  1. Thanks to this forum, I have learned the importance of watermarking and checking regularly to make sure that my text and pictures haven't been stolen. Well, I have one Fendi bag listed right now, complete with 11 closeup, watermarked pictures of various authenticity markers. Just did a search, and someone has stolen my pic--with the watermark with my user id still on it! Not only that, but they also stole my entire description (well, minus the part about there being lots of pics to prove authenticity... this seller is also too cheap to put more than one pic with the listing).

    To top this all off, the seller also stole word for word my auction title. And the cherry on top--seller states he only takes money orders, and only has 6 feedback, and already a neg!

    Sorry, just had to b**** and moan about this. At least hopefully it should be an easy case and the listing will be removed post haste (I've already reported it).
  2. yeah it happens a lot, when i had a bal bag up a while ago the pics and/or the whole auction was being stolen several times a day, eBay do tend to take them down pretty quickly though after you report it
  3. Oh that's so unnerving when some people do that. Let's hope eBay do something really quickly about it. Fortunately, most people will see that your pictures and his are the same and with his bad rep., chances are people will know who to trust. Good luck!
  4. heh... actually just noticed that this seller was even too lazy to edit out the part about the listing showing "lots of pictures" and "a photo of my receipt"--hopefully buyers will see this and think, "huh?" because the scamming seller didn't bother to steal and upload those pics! What a bum.
  5. Hopefully--it just makes me especially uneasy because my auction is supposed to end tomorrow, and I'm worried that this scammer is going to distract buyers from my auction, since his BIN is about $50 less than my starting bid. Just have to keep my fingers crossed that eBay acts quickly. Sellers like this should just flat out be banned.
  6. So sorry this happen to you. The exact same thing happened to me- but I don't know how to do the watermarking:sad: , I reported the listing and ebay took about 4 hrs to take it down.
  7. Hey, which listing is it? We can do like we did with LVGodiva and everyone can e-mail the seller saying that we know the pictures were stolen!!!! Read through that post and you'll see that chick ended up e-mailing her saying, "PLease tell your friends to leave me alone...." hahaha

    Never underestimate the power of the Purse Forum!
  8. I'd be annoyed too! I know when I got kicked off ebay (for 10 days) I had to complete a tutorial and one part was you had to use your own pics.
  9. That's fantastic! I love where everyone emailed the bad seller! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    Now if only ebay were that good.
  10. thanks to everyone who is willing to spam this seller with questions--i am a bit worried that she will retaliate, though (obviously, she has no shame--I realized last night that she even stole the part that says that the pictures are of the actual item--but I don't remember photographing her purse for her--hmmmmmmm). hopefully eBay will take care of it SOON.
  11. ok, eBay STILL hasn't gotten around to taking it down! it's item number 110099732555
  12. Wow, some people!
  13. :sad: It's still there, blimey ebay are soooo slow. Hope they take it down soon. I know you're not supposed to advertise your own sale, but could you point me in the general direction, I'm not very good on ebay, I would love to see all your pics of your bag. It's alright found it - gosh I'm being blonde today - the watermark on your piccies should have been a good starting point, pmsl.
  14. blonde happens
  15. so has anyone contacted her yet?

    i will if you want! i have big balls!! LOL

    also, i was going to report it too, but to do so, it requires YOUR listing info:

    Subject: Someone copied text or pictures from another Web site or eBay user

    Enter the item number(s) you are reporting:
    Up to 10 items separated by commas
    (example: 1365609580 , 1748176843)

    Enter your item number from which picture or text was copied:

    Enter description of what was copied: