The nerve of some people!

  1. I just got home twenty mintues ago. My mom, who I live with, tells me who this woman I work with was ringing the bell for like 20 minutes. :wtf: So, she goes away and comes back then says she knows me and my mom lets her in and she asks for some paperwork. My mom doesn't give to her because she doesn't know where it is and asks to sit there and my mom says no because has no idea when I'll be home. My mom calls me and asks me and I say I'll be there soon as I can, I was at the local mall which was an hour away. So, my mom tells her I'll be an hour and she like starts screaming about the paperwork. So, my mom says basically stop it or leave. So, she leaves. She called me about 2, but I said I'll call you IF you can come over. I don't know when I'll be home. Her: About 6. Me: Maybe, but I'll call if you can come. :rolleyes: Can you guys believe this?
  2. I am so sorry, but I can't follow this. Where was she ringing a bell and why? And did you really know this lady who was asking for paperwork? Sorry, I catch on slow.:shame:
  3. She was rining our doorbell and I know her.
  4. ooo, doorbell!! I thought she was just standing there with one of those bells with the stick on it(I don't know what they're called, the ones you hold) just randomly ringing it. :oh:
    I get it now. Sorry.
    I hate it when people are so persistant like that. If you weren't going to be home for a bit, then she shouldn't have left and went from there. Seems annoying.
  5. I can't believe she yelled at your mom like that. It sounds suspicious to me-
    why would someone come over and be that adamant about getting paperwork?? Is she normally that high-strung?

  6. This woman is just generally annoying. The papers I was going to give her have a deadline and need to be signed before a certain date and i know she's not going to get them done. :sad: I don't know what her deal is.

  7. She is very immature. I work with a guy who likes her and she bascially called him "stinky" and said "stop bothering me". :nuts: I work with her but she works for someone else's business, not mine but someone who I work with, and have no idea why she is still there.
  8. what a nut job. How did she get your address in the first place? If I had a job and if someone came over from my work- I would be PISSED!!
  9. It does sound like you have a great opportunity to revisit your workplace security practices!

    I know that in today's cut-throat rat race, it may not always be possible to avoid "taking work home," but something like papers that would need to be signed by someone else by a particular time are exactly the kind of work that should not leave the office - at least not in your briefcase! You could copy them, if there is work that needs to be done on them, and print out the updated copies once you're back in the office, etc but looking at it from a very cold-blooded point of view, we never know what might happen, to us or anyone else, and if it were my company, I would strongly prefer that such documents not be taken home by anybody.

    I can't disagree with you that her behavior was inappropriate, and it is precisely because we cannot really control what other people do that information like home addresses be kept safely locked away in the human resources department!

  10. From now on, I'm going to keep certain thing in office only. It seems like a better idea. :yes:
  11. She sounds like a nut job!!! Be weary of her!! :wacko:
  12. damn she screamed at your mom!? Oh hell no! I would gone off on taht lady! Nobody touches my family, especially my mother! Be careful next time!