The nerve of people

  1. so last night i went out and had my lv sitting on my lap and this guy really came up to me and said "I bet your bag is fake." Umm no i bet your mom is. I said "ewww no this bag is 100% authentc, go to, it retails at 615 dollars. I could hear him mock me and say to his friend "blah blah blah i spent 650,000 dollars on a stupid purse. I guess i got a little defensive and he walked away with a crusty look on his face lol. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  2. Jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Him: I bet your bag is fake.

    Me: I bet your hair is too.
  4. What guy cares about a girls bag???? What an ass.
  5. lol omg that was so funny. hahaha fake hair
  6. wow that is terrible im sorry to hear that happened to you. The nerve of people hey, as long as you know it is real thats all that matters and everyone else that gives you a hard time is just jealous!!
  7. ^ITA!

    Sorry you had to deal with that...if that ever happens again, don't bother even giving the jerk an explanation.
  8. is it just me or more and more people have the nerve to do this kind of thing these days?

    if you dont like lv, just shut up and keep it to yourself. no one really cares what you dont like anyway.. lol
  9. that's what i say
  10. People who comment on real bags thinking they're fake means they have never seen or touched a real one in their life!! Such clueless people!! argghh
  11. how rude!
  12. Exactly! :confused1:
  13. what a moron...don't let that loser get rude, the nerve of some people
  14. lol maybe he has a secret fetish hahaha
  15. I would have asked him "why do you care?" Very very rude!!!