The Nerve of Him! What do you think?

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  1. I was out shopping my my family tonight. While in Nordstrom, my son and husband stepped away (potty break). My daughter (4) and I waited. While waiting, I browsed the Celine bags.

    *Side note: My husband and I had looked at the bags earlier. There are some really pretty fall color combinations out; however, I am just not a Celine girl. I guess. So, maybe this guy saw me earlier.

    Anyhow, I was browsing again when a salesperson came over to offer assistance. I politely asked what the Celine hype was about. He proceeded to tell me that the bags were made of fine leather, colors are exclusive, and are not released again, ect. He said that the Celine shopper doesn't want a bag that everyone else carries, follows fashion, and understands trends. I wasn't impressed or convinced (by him or the bag). However, I proceeded to try the bag on while he told me about the way the sides can be folded in (I'm not a fan of the flared sides). I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, I might love it eventually.

    To try on the bag, I had to put my bag down (Gucci Sukey Large). He tells me, "Gucci is not what's up!"

    I looked at him, surprised, and simply commented that the bag is was carrying is one that I rotate in. I told him that I do prefer Louis Vuitton, but I also like Gucci.

    This man, in a Celine crossbody (probably provided by the store), then tells me that he "would not be caught dead wearing my Gucci bag" and that Louis Vuitton is "common and dated." He said there is a boutique on every corner and everywhere you look, there's a woman carrying a speedy or tote (the NF, I'm guessing).

    *Now, I do agree with this (about the speedy and NFs everywhere). However, I would never tell him because of his ridiculous attitude!

    By that time, I was pi****! So, I said, "Well, considering the fact that you're a man, I would hope that you wouldn't be caught dead wearing my bag!" Just then, my husband was walking up. He continued his rant about how common LV is and insisted that anyone who is anyone wears Celine and Hermes (which are not at all on the same level, IMO, but whatever).

    *I could not care any less about guys wearing bags. This is 2012 and everyone is free to do as they please! Kudos to those who find love!

    I rolled my eyes while walking away and he proceeded to wave while sarcastically telling me to have a nice day.

    Am I overreacting or was he totally out of line? I considered reporting him to customer service. I feel like it was very rude of him to insult me because I was't interested in buying Celine. It's fine to have an opinion. However, "Mr. Fashion" clearly saw that big Gucci bag on my shoulder (forgive me Mr. LV) and proceeded to bash not only Gucci, but my first love, LV!

  2. Sounds to me like he was full of SH*T!!!!! He's just trying to show off!!! Some people are full of themselves!!
  3. Wow. I'm actually shocked that he would say these things, especially insults directed directly at you.
    His points on trying to sell you the bag seems to not focus on the bag itself, but as a 'status' thing. Not a good SA at all. I would've been bothered by it if it were me.
  4. Report him, he's full of 'it!
  5. Yes, report him!!! I hate salesmen who bash other makers just to make what there selling look better!!
  6. Who cares what he thinks. He sells Celine. He didn't create Celine. I just laughed when I read that. Alot of hot air from that SA.
  7. Girl, I would've reported his butt ! I worked retail many years ago, for many years in the Galleria and that is one mall where you don't want to piss of customers bc word will get around and no one will shop with that person. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but to put down someone's ( especially a customer ) choices ( and he was doing it on purpose bc he knew what bags you carried !) is just plain RUDE !
    to be honest, I like the Celine bags but I can't picture me with one in my khaki and denim wardrobe . But if hubby were to get me one I would surely use it !
  8. Report him !!! That's not right of
    him to just bash your bag at all or
    LV !!! That's foul !!!!
  9. The guy clearly had no idea what he was asking about. Is there an emoticon for "talk to the hand"?
  10. Report him. Nordstrom management would be appalled!
  11. To bash what you are wearing was quite something....!
  12. sounds like your typical snotty pretentious sales associate ugh!
    sometimes i hate shopping because of SA like him!
  13. Yeah, SAs Iike that make you just want to snuggle up with an iPad and shop online.
  14. I would have told him to go kick rocks!
  15. don't report him... maybe he just isn't good at making sales lol. he could be knew.