The Nerve Of 1866 Vuitton!!!!

  1. OK I am so irritated right now!!!

    I called 1866 and the lady I spoke with said that LV could not "confirm or deny" any info about the price increase on Nov. 1st.

    I explained to her that it is circulating that there will indeed be a price increase on Wed., Nov. 1st that I confirmed with the SAs at my boutique.

    The lady on 1866 then tells me that yes, she was aware that SAs were leaking the info and that an email/memo had been sent out demanding SAs to not disclose that info.

    I was like "OK, well I know that there IS going to be a price increase, so could you tell me if the Azur line will be included?"

    She then gives me the same BS story of not being able to confirm that a price increase will even happen...

    This whole thing is SO RIDICULOUS!!!!! I am so mad right now!!!:cursing:
  2. CS always do that..we all know it's coming...

    I hate it when they try to be secretive about it...
  3. Ugh it is just so frustrating!!!
  4. Gosh! That's awful! This is making me really frustrated. It's bad enough that they are raising prices a 3rd time, but it would be nice if they could at least tell us what bags are going to be affected.
  5. Not only do we know more than they do, but now there trying to be secretive about the fact we know more than they do! :nuts:
  6. Like we don't know. I wish they would respect the fact that their customers are obviously very intelligent people who know exactly what's going on and just say something along the lines of, our apologies, it's been leaked and now since it has, there's no point in keeping it a secret and thank YOU for calling us to confirm.
  7. It would be really nice if they would include dust bags and boxes with the price increased in addition to care pamphlets.... and niceness from SA's.....
  8. Azia-- well said!! That is exactly why I am so irritated!! She acted like I was an idiot or a snoop or something!!

    Aww poor Veronika I read your thread about your agenda!! That is repulsive that they sent it that way to you:sad:

    Is there an LV boutique in New Mexico?
  9. ITA!
  10. No LV in NM... which means no sales tax when ordered.... but, you might not get a dust bag... okay, I'll quit...:s
  11. that is very annoying...too want to know for sure if azur is included!!!
  12. OMG I just had a convo with 866. I was looking for a widescreen Ipod case and they are out for now. I said great I can't get one before the price increase and the woman was like "What! Where did you hear about the price increase!?!" in this mean tone. I was like "umm, on a forum." I did NOT say the purse forum. I was actually scared of her LOL Then she said, "hmmmm..interesting."

    LMAO I was scared (I am such a wimp) she seemed so mad I knew!

  13. I just had the same experience with Eluxury. They said that they couldn't confirm or deny and asked me where I heard it. I said I was in the boutique today and was told by the SA. She still said that she hasn't officially been "informed". Then, she gave me the 1866 Vuitton number and told me to call them. I said, Why would I call them if I was just in a boutique today. It is as if they have these scripted responses and don't even read what you ask them.

    She did say, "If there was to be an increase, it would be the same day on Eluxury as in the stores". I know sometimes it does vary with Eluxury so perhaps she wasn't aware of that either. I said to her, "Why should a price increase be a surprise?". To be honest, I would be very upset if I missed by something by a day.
  14. Nicole! Thanks for atleast trying to find out. :biggrin:
  15. I doubt Azur will be included, if it is it will only increase by like 30 bucks or so.