~~~**The Neo Cabby Club**~~

  1. Post your pics of your New Cabby here..MM, GM, Blue, Black, they're all GOOD!

    I'll go first!
    IMG_3457.jpg IMG_3453.jpg IMG_3452.jpg IMG_3450.jpg IMG_3456.jpg
  2. yay me too!
  3. Me too..
  4. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. yay, i was hoping a club would pop up for these babies!
    I love this bag, want to use it all the time (and feel guilty for leaving my others in the cupboard:whistle:)
  6. I like and bought this bag..

    but not sure if MM & GM are able to carry over shoulder bag??
    coz I compare it over over at store and end up bought 'GM' ;)

    sorry for being dumb question, also I want to ask,
    a) is this permanent or limited edition?
    b) is there size PM??

    thank you
  7. No, this is not a limited edition. It's permanent but they're out of stock at most places cus' it's a new item. However, a sales rep did tell me that they make less of the black one than the denim one. So you made the right choice!! :tup: No, there isn't a size PM.
  8. Yay.. I am in .. !! :wlae::wlae::wlae:
    Tiramisu95 do u have a GM??
    Neo Cabby Side.jpg NeoCabby.jpg
  9. I'm in....
  10. Yes I have the GM :yahoo:
  11. tiramisu, thank you!!

    oh no!! I thought this bag going to LE that's way for being impulse buy buy buy!!!
    darn my intention no more buy the cost price over my budget eventually love it and not too sure the right size for me - MM or GM
    only the difference the extra strap short and long and shape of its body.

    I think MM is better for me isn't??
    but I opt GM for to stuff heaps there!! :p
  12. Oh this bag looks really nice. Do you know how much does the MM size cost. you can sling the bag as well.
    If looks on the web, what type I should look into ? on denim ? or else ?
  13. Girls I need your help.

    My darling husband just came home with a wonderful surprise for me....the neo cabby GM in black. I am really thrilled. Just one hickup...I thought I wanted the MM. The GM is also really nice - the only thing that bothers me is that it cannot be used as a shoulder bag (only if you use the long strap). The handles do go over my shoulder but it's a pretty tight fit. I think the MM has bigger handles that will sit on the shoulder better. What do you cabby owners think? My shop has not received the MM yet so I'll have to cross my fingers and wait if I want to change the GM to MM. Need your help on this one please.

    Apart from that I am so pleased to be able to join this club.

    Thanks all.....

  14. oh i love the black denim, congrats everyone!

  15. Christine, see if they have the MM in blue so you can at least compare the size and comfort level. I didn't compare the handle size but I can fit it over my shoulder (but I'm petite so this may not work for everyone). Good luck!!!