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Should The National Anthem be Sung In English Only ?

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  1. Should The National Anthem be sung in English Only ?

    WASHINGTON - The national anthem should be sung in English — not Spanish — President Bush declared Friday, amid growing restlessness over the millions of immigrants here illegally.

    A Spanish language version of the national anthem was released Friday by a British music producer, Adam Kidron, who said he wanted to honor America's immigrants.
  2. As English is the only 'official' national language- it should be english only-- IMO
  3. I have to agree with Sparkle on this one.

    There are a lot of immigrants in the US, not just Hispanic, so to be fair, if the intention is to "honor America's immigrants," they should also release it in other languages.
  4. Exactly what i was going to say.
  5. I'm not from the US but we have a similar question here, concerning the millions of citizens of foreign descent.

    IMHO, it should remain in the original language it was written in, or at least in the official language of the country. Translations would be good though, to help new citizens understand better (particularly if they learned the official language as adults).
    You don't have to speak the language to sing the anthem, you could even just hum along to it, but you need to have previous understand ing of the words to see what it represents.

    If that makes sense to anyone but me... :smile:

  6. Sounds like he wanted to stir up trouble on a very heated issue.:suspiciou

    Our official language is English, the national anthem should be sung in the official language of the nation. Same should hold true with any country's national anthem with its official language.
  7. I voted yes as well, but have a question for Canadians. Is there a French version of your anthem? I'm just curious.
  8. I *think* there anyone wanna help out with this one?
  9. English is the national language- we shouldn't abandon our pride as Americans just so we won't offend anyone.
  10. yes, there is a French version as English and French are both official languages here.
  11. Actually, the United States does NOT have an official language. Although there are individual states which have specificied English as their official language, there is no federal "official" language. I think this is in keeping with our immigrant history as a country. However, I do think that since the song was written in English, perhaps the original roots should remain in that language.... If it's translated into a non-English language, I think it should be then translated into other languages too.
  12. I am an American living in Moscow, Russia. I would never suppose that Russia should adopt an English version of the Russian anthem. Most Americans are English speaking, and the anthem is written in English. It should remain in English and in English only.
  13. Oh wow, you're living in Moscow??? What are you doing there? I lived in St. Petersburg back in 2003 and spent a week in Moscow. I had such a blast there. The mall by Krasnaya Ploshad' had the best gelato in the entire world. I'd trade a purse to get some more of it!
  14. ^^Have you had gelato at Giolitti's in Rome?
  15. the majority of the first settlers here, didn't speak english.

    nevermind the natives.

    i hate what's going on right now, as a first generation american on one side, and only third generation on the other.