The Napa Gauffre Antik in Brown, Black or Camel??

  1. Hey gals, I just got my Napa Gauffre Antik in Brown (the large bag from last season). It is my 2nd Gauffre, my first one being the Black Gauffre in Nylon (also a large tote) which I purchased in Paris last month. I was trying to find the Napa Gauffre in Brown when I was there but they informed me that they're all sold out of it in Paris and that it was last seasons bag. Well, lo and behold, I come back to the States and visited the NM in Bev Hills and they located one for me--one of 2 that are left in the US! I received it over the weekend and I felt iffy with the painted ruching. I saw the same style in Black and Camel in this season's collection. Do you guys like the Brown better than the Black and Camel?
  2. I have the brown..That one and the cera(Blush) are my fave Gauffres!LOVES!
  3. Do they have the tote in cera? I love that color too! :heart:
  4. ^ i beleive they make the short handled tote in cera too..