The names of the scarves

  1. Good morning to all of you!

    I am coveting a certain scarf from the current collection featured online.

    It's a heart design, very detailed and has a swan on each bottom corner. I am dying for the black and orange colorway.

    It's definitely something I would love to see under my tree this Christmas morning, but my husband needs very specific shopping lists. We're talking the name, the style number, the colors...any detail I can include is helpful, for sure.

    Where do you Hermes divas find the names of the scarves? Is that part of the mystery of Hermes, and you have to be in some inside circle to be told? I'm only half joking. :shame:

    Help a sister out! :lol:
  2. Tout de Coeur. Someone posted a while back a way to find the name on the website by looking at the info on the "Source" page. If you scroll down, eventually you'll find the title.
  3. It's De Tout Coeur, I believe.
  4. I knew but didn't know (if that makes sence) that the scarves had names. I just copy down the numbers from the Hermes site and take it with me or call the store w/the info. Then again, I can also order directly from the site (I believe). I purchased a few scarves on Sat. and saw one of them on the site; the numbers did match. HTH and good luck!
  5. Correction, this is the correct name.
  6. Source page...?

    Ok, talk to me like I'm a man. Assume I know nothing! :biggrin:

    If I'm actually staring at the object of my desire on the website, with the pricing info to the right...where do I go from there to find the "source" page?

    I apologize for my lack of knowledge. :shame: I guess we all learn sometime! :yes:

    Thanks so much for the info so far!!!!:tup:
  7. ocmommy, I can talk you through it if you tell me which browser you use. If it's Internet Explorer then at the top of it it says File Edit View etc.

    Click on View, then Source.

    You'll get a new window. Again at the top of it There will be File Edit Format etc.

    Click Edit then Find.

    Type in long then click Find Next 2 times.

    When you get the work long highlighted for the second time in the same line of text you'll see the name of the scarf. It'll look something like this - 'Long Description','Cashmere and silk shawl, hand rolled (140 x 140 cm)','Early America'

    Try it and see if you can do it.
  8. Loony,

    Wow, thanks so much for the detailed response!

    I tried it and I think that because I am on a Mac, I might be out of luck.:sad:

    However, it looks as though I can actually print out the color picture and send it in with my husband. Also, if the style number is sufficient, that will have to do. :smile:

    Thank you so much for your help, though! :love: I might give that a shot through another browser, like FireFox.
  9. Oh, right! Doing it in Firefox is very similar to Internet Explorer. Unfortunately I have no idea about Macs but hopefully someone else might be able to help you.

    Oh and the scarf you are after is beautiful. I was very tempted by it in the green colourway. Hope you get it ;)
  10. Oh, I didn't see the green colourway! I wanted that one in the blue, but DH brought me back the Passementerie in blue...looks rather horrible on me I think. I would have prefered the purple...
  11. Loony, how the heck you work that out. I still havent got a clue how to do it, but wow!!! it sounds good :p
  12. exchange it!
  13. its been years since I have been on a MAC but if I remember right, if you click the background of the page just right, another window opens and one of the options shows the source page

    Anyway, the style number is good enough
  14. in safari: view>view source>type apple F and write long description and you'll find it.

    in firefox it's called page source but it's in the same place and you do the same thing.
  15. Oh I will!:p

    I do feel a little ungrateful though...kinda spoiled-brat...:shame: