the name of this lesportsac bag?

  1. hey everyone, i need some help. this bag has been one of my favorites for awhile, but i have absolutely no clue what style it is. i just love the shiny light blue leather and the little star accents! i bought it at Nordstrom rack in the summer of 06, so it's pretty old. thanks in advance!
  2. sorry donald, but not sure of the bag style.. but i know it's from the LeSportsac Remix line...
  3. It is a Large Studio in Jet from the Remix line. it's a pretty bag. i love the charms that came with this line of bags.

  4. What a stunning LSS- love the shape and the leather accents!
  5. thanks, d1000! i think it's a studio, not a large studio, according to the dimensions given on some auctions on eBay.

    i'm so sad i didn't get the charms! i googled and found some pictures of this bag, and i saw how awesome the charms look. i'm crazy about stars so i would've loved to have them.

    i can't complain though, because i only paid $30 for this bag:-P
  6. $30 is a great deal!