The mystery is solved

  1. Wow...I asked the seller and my SA about that charm. It's authentic..especially after saw KK won it.
  2. What is the retail on that item? Does anyone know? its totally cute!
  3. i think retail is more than 300? I wonder when it'll show up on kk's site.
  4. i reallly like it!
  5. we'll have to keep an eye on that :smile: see how much the price goes up.
  6. I thought that hadn't been released yet!
  7. It's launching this month (July) and it is in the high $200's.
  8. I.m going to Bond street on tues. I am soooo going on a list or whatever. I love my charms necklace, that would go perfectly with it!
  9. Of course it a higher price...she's a reseller.
  10. what a cool bracelet!
  11. I wonder how the original seller obtained this bracelet since it has not been released yet. I think if I came across it, I would probably assume it is a fake because the auction doesn't have much of a description claiming it is authentic and how they obtained it etc. etc.
  12. V.I.P. gifts?
  13. hmmmm...
  14. I agree. Hmm...