The mysterious Violine?

  1. It looks a little lighter than the violine that I saw "live", but the one I saw was ostrich, and leather type sometimes affect the color...
  2. Avan, where did you see the violine?
  3. at the Paris main store, (bolide, 31 cm), and one other place.
  4. Is it basically a purple ostrich color?
  5. It is the only "purple" color I have ever seen in ostrich, so that may be so, but, the SA said specifically "Violine". quite a beautiful deep color:girlsigh:
  6. The bag looks a bit too light from what the Hermès people described to me. They said between violette and raisin and this bag looks lighter than violette.
  7. This bag does look like the description to violet.
  8. I like the color on this bag alot...I just do not think (to answer the title of this tread "the mysterious violine") that it is violine:flowers:
  9. I love it....
  10. I asked the seller specically if it was cyclamen (as mentioned in the auction) or violine and she replied it is violette.

    So are violette and violine the same thing?
  11. Violette and violine are not the same. From what I've heard, Violine is darker, but lighter than raisin.
  12. Ah - good to know, what a pretty color either way. I've never seen this color IRL, but the "Authenticate This" thread says it's real!
  13. And it's in Chevre!! :love: :love:
  14. Violine - darker than violette but lighter than raisin. Not a lot of people have seen this color yet.