The Myspace Chanel group?

  1. Is anyone a member? What's it like? I know it's invite only and I was curious! :idea:
  2. Theres a Chanel group on MySpace? Oh wow I should look into this. I'm constantly MySpace-ing lol.
  3. haha i bet it isnt anything as fabulous as us :p
  4. wow - I'm a computer nerd, didn't even know there was one.
  5. Oh and Jen -- you're so Right Girl!:choochoo:
  6. You're not missing anything (if we're talking about the same group). It's sixteen year olds who collect Chanel -- sunglasses and nail polish. And it's not very active. It went private because there were a lot of obnoxious kids coming in to cause trouble to anyone who likes designer stuff.
  7. ditto, its pretty lame, as with almost all myspace groups.