The myriad faces of violet

  1. I noticed that my violet croc birkin (like my etoupe birkin) has one of those changeant qualities, the color takes on different hues in various light conditions:

    Near a window in the morning:


    Near a window in early afternoon (I have compared it to my violet chevre birkin and you can see that croc poro looks almost pinkish - reminds me of cyclamen actually)


    Darn, I feel a croc obssession settling in - especially after seeing that stunning Jaune poro of Angel's.
  2. :tender:More pictures, please. archangel, I agree with you. Violet croc does have this changeant colour characteristics. When it's under the shade, it looks like rich grape juice colour. The other colour in croc that shows up different colours is Cacoan. It sometimes looks more red, and sometimes looks more brown.
  3. Tell me about it. I'm in croc heaven tonight!:girlsigh:
  4. MsS,

    Love your avatar... which of your darling kids drew that?
  5. Just beautiful! :tender:You have such a wonderful collection, archangel!
  6. Your collection is TD4! Seriously. I am drooling right now!
  7. That is so beautiful!!!
  8. *wakes up from a dream* wait...this is reality? WOW!!!!
  9. Stunning, stunning bags!!
  10. LOL. My son! He's the big snow boy and his little sister is the small snow girl. He actually drew tears for the snow girl. Said she always cries. :push:. He's the provocation, I tell you! :rolleyes:
  11. Never thought I'd like violet...but wow after seeing violet bags for the first time...I am speechless....Your bags are amazing archangel!! :drool:
  12. yes, more more pictures PLEASE!
  13. Violet croc... so beautiful :heart::drool:
  14. Oooo, me having croc eye candy after logging into forum today. Me likey and in heaven;)
  15. Just BEAUTIFULLLLL!!! Arcangel, your violet is TDF! :drool: