The My Wonderful DH/BF Buys Me LV Club

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  1. Hi Girls.
    I'm sure there are many of you who are blessed like me to have a lovely partner that buys you LV..So let's share stories and celebrate how lucky we are!:heart:
  2. I have a story! I recently turned 30 on Sept. 2nd and had planned an all-girls trip to Cancun. My SO and I decided to celebrate before I left but I was unsure about what he had gotten me. Sooooo, the day before I left he treated me to a day at the spa and lunch. He called me a few times while at the spa just to see how things were going and when I would be leaving...

    I didn't think nothing of it and left for home after my manicure....When I opened the door this greeted me!


    It was completely empty, so for the next couple of minutes we played "hot and cold" I started in the basement and worked my way up - I was so excited that no matter what it was I was going to scream and yell! I finally found the box under our duvet and proceeded to open it very carefully....I couldn't contain my excitement when I opened the box and saw my new Speedy 30! I even shed a few tears cause I had mentioned my love for the speedy in the past and was more appreciative that he listened to what I had said...

    I'm so thankful for him! :love:
  3. Thank you for sharing that adorable story! Happy Birthday! What a lovely partner you have there!:biggrin:
  4. How I wish I could join.................. :crybaby:
  5. ^:lol: Same here! DH supports my habit...but he wouldn't buy me something. I always pick it out.

    I think he'd be too scared to go into LV by himself!
  6. Oh you are so welcome! Thank you and yeah he's a great guy....
  7. For real .... Does using his c/c to purchase LV count? :P
  8. i should join for my mum lol :P

    my dad has gotten her lv, prada, burberry and gucci lol
  9. Dude: SUICIDE!! Then of course he'd know how much they cost!!! :shocked::Push::sweatdrop::faint:
  10. Love this club so sweet of the SO's
    ...I generally buy my own but he gets me LV etc for special occasions :love:
  11. what a great idea for a club!!!!! DH just bought me the bordeaux aviator in my avator....

  12. Couldn't agree more! :shucks:
  13. I wish I could join too . . . I have tried but DH does not approve of the LV habit, so it's all my $$$ used to get the bags. I still am holding out hope that he will surprise me in December by making a first purchase for me.
  14. Alas I can never be part of this club lol.....we don't give big gifts to each other, just token gifts up to $100 each for birthdays and Christmas. Maybe I can get an advance for the next ten years hahaha....kinda like Rachel in Friends asking for advance tips so she can go skiing with her family for Thanksgiving LOL.

    But I have gotten LV from my parents :biggrin:
  15. Oh my DH loves buying me LVs too! I have bought my own too but somehow the LVs he buys me feel more special ( and they're the bags I won't ever consider selling cos of the sentimental value). My DH doesn't like LVs or any designer brand for that matter. He prefers that I buy him drum equuipment for bdays, etc!