The "Must Have" LV Bag for Fall/Winter?

  1. Good evening ladies,

    What is the one "must have" LV bag for Fall/Winter 2007?

  2. Damier Sophie & Neverfull...if I to pick I'd pick the practical bag...Sophie or Neverfull. Honestly, I can't decide...they are both practical in their own ways. Hard call, those are my choices, sorry I can't pinpoint one...
  3. Mini Lin speedy in ebene
  4. ***The Mirage Speedy 30***
  5. what she said :yes:
  6. well, I want to check out the Black denim XL.
  7. I am all over the Neo Cabby MM- as you can see it is on my wishlist. ;)
  8. damier sophie and damier azur berkeley! Gotta have.
  9. damier sophie - cant wait!
  10. Mine would be the Mini Lin bucket in ebene. That will be my next bag purchase if I don't get distracted by something else.
  11. Mirage Speedy
  12. I'd go with the gray Nimbus.
  13. Damier Sophie & Mirage Speedy!
  14. whatever u think is the hottest ;)
  15. mirage speedy