The Muse vs. Rain

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  1. I took my new black Muse out today, first big trip. We were shopping at a local outlet mall and got caught in a downpour and I was terrified that the rain would stain the Muse and ruin it! I had sprayed it with Wilsons last night, but you know you still worry.

    I'm happy to say that there are NO signs of water damage, not even a spot! :woohoo: So I'd recommend Wilsons for your leather Muse bags, ladies.

    I also have to say that the Muse got plenty of compliments and stares today too. :supacool: Such a chic bag. :love:
  2. wow good for you! I'm excited for my muse to arrive too :tup:
  3. ^^Which one did you get?
  4. The large size in leather. It's perfect for me. :yes: I should take some pics and post them.

    I ordered more Wilsons, 25% off now. Probably should give all my bags a good spray!
  5. ^^That's a good idea - I may follow your lead!