The muse,a classic?

  1. Opinions please
  2. Without a doubt.
  3. I personally think it is, but then again I could be bias since I have one lol
  4. Yes! Classic style & shape - can't go wrong!
  5. Absolutely classic!
  6. Oh yes, absolutely. If I could, I'd have one in every color.
  7. I just broke the bank for one so I sure hope so!!

  8. Me too!! I:p
  9. don't have one yet, but yes I agree it is a classic. I am definitely going to get day.

  10. totally agree with u...
    besides, IMO, the patent leather vision is modern and trendy too!!!
  11. i think so
  12. Absolutely

  13. Agree! I think YSL makes some of the best patent handbags that look modern but classy that you can use all seasons!
  14. Christina Aguilera still carries her large patent muse.... its is definitely classy!!!
  15. yes definitely. i absoutely adore it. at first glance, i didnt like it. but now i really really really really really love it. i have F/W 07-08 collection. SO SEXAY