The Murder of Princess Diana 8-25

  1. Don't forget to set those Tivoids, Lifetime (108 DishNetwork US) 9 PM New York Time!

    Maybe if there are people with other providers they can post the channel numbers, or if there are other times in other places.

    PerezHilton is really doing the best Tivoid-Set heads up, though. He made it into wallpaper.

    I don't really know anything about the movie, or have any idea what to expect, or have any expectations inconsistent with a Lifetime movie.

    And I'm not sure if the subject matter can really be discussed in a lot of detail here, but there is no shortage of lively conversation reflecting a wide range of views on all aspects of the topic throughout the internets...
  2. I'm in Vegas with Cox cable and it's airing at 9:00 PST on Lifetime (Channel 26). My TIVO is set...thanks for the reminder.
  3. I'm in. Thanks for the reminder. I think Fox/Geraldo had a special last night too.
  4. Repeating on Lifetime now, and will replay again at 9 New York time.

    I missed the Geraldo thing, maybe they'll rerun it.
  5. I watched it last was interesting. I do believe her death is fishy to say the least.
  6. Reflecting on the tenth anniversary of the Princess Diana events, it occurred to me that many participants here were children in 1997.

    There is another thread about college students having never rolled up car windows, an anecdote about a teen seeing a typewriter for the first time, etc.

    Diana married Charles in 1981. A lot of tPF posters were not even born then, so just as today's young people have never known a world with out AIDS, they never knew a world without Princess Diana.

    That's going to make for a very different perspective on the British Royal family generally, as well as the Diana story in its entirety.

    And so a question for the young folks - do you perceive a difference in your own views, level of interest, etc in, for instance, watching the TV shows about Diana that so many of the channels are showing now, and that of your parents, older relatives and friends?
  7. ^^Interesting question, Shimma! I'll decline to answer as I'm an Old Fart on this board, LOL. I remember getting up super early to watch their wedding live on TV and was 30 when she died.

    Is this repeating again...dang I missed it!
  8. The conspiracy theory re: her death will linger as long as the Kennedy one has.
  9. Pursegrrl....don't feel bad....I'm an old fart here too!!!
  10. One man's conspiracy is another man's business plan....
  11. I meant to give this a 10th anniversary bump earlier, but got distracted.

    It is not, however, too late, as it is still the 10th anniversary on the US west coast.