The Multipli-Cite' -- good, bad, ugly?

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  1. I am now torn between buying an Ellipse and a Multipli-Cite'. The latter seems very practical, the other a little less so. I can't buy both at the moment. Any advice? This is my first big LV purchase.

  2. Buy the more practical one now and the other one later. LOL.
  3. I LOVE my multipli cite. I use it as a carry on and it fits ALOT! Very classic.
  4. Is it that big? I am fairly petite and don't want to be overwhelmed by my purse, however much I love it. lol It doesn't appear to be as big as the moyen Ellipse in pictures or measurements.
  5. I like the multipli cite.
  6. I obviously need to go to the LV store and try a few bags on. I'm hoping to buy gently used online to save a bit of money. I have my eye on an Ellipse and a Multipli-Cite', but perhaps the "in-person" experience will change my mind.
  7. I personally don't like either one... but I'd choose the ellipse over the multiplictie cuz the latter is SOOOOOO boxy.....
  8. i love the multiplicite. my moms is gorgeous, even though she has only used it one.

    the bag overall is very structured and functional for every day use.
  9. i'll go for multiple's big and roomy and it looks much more modern than the ellipse :smile:
  10. i like multiple cite over the ellipse, i feel that the design is classic. go and try out both bags at the store, you can get a better feel of the bags.
  11. Love the look, can´t say how comfortable it is since I don´t own it.

  12. its definitely not dainty but when I say "carry-on" I mean it as an extra big bag to carry everything I'll need during a flight (iPod, makeup bag, phone, ticket/passport wallets, regular wallet, glasses, book, small handheld game, camera, magazine) and yes, it all fits!
  13. Multipli-Cite:yes: I :heart: mine it's modern, functional, and roomy without being overwhelming...:love:
  14. I really really like the ellipse, it's next on my list. I think it's the cutest bag ever - and seems like it would also fit a lot. The Multipli-Cite is too boxy for me and looks weird.... but once you see them in real life, you'll be able to better decide!
  15. I love the Multipli-Cite' ! This was my very first LV purchase and it is very practical. You can fit a lot of your things in this bag --- it's roomy, classy-looking, and gorgeous! Plus it's a shoulder bag!

    The Ellipse doesn't appeal to me at all. Not a fan of the bag's shape (sorry, Ellipse lovers!) and I've seen them IRL.

    I am petite as well and the Multipli-cite' does not feel overwhelming. It's just right! I totally love this bag!!!!