The multi-pocket!!!!!

  1. Hi all, I'm looking for a black MULTI-POCKET BAG introduced in 2004 of the Fall/Winter season, either size would be fine!

    I would really like one, but I've spent hours searching...any ideas or thoughts?:sad:

  2. :smile: Crack me up! Great minds think alike..I want one too! I'm not sure what year the one I want is...Black w/ silver hardware/suede lining.....I want the smaller version though..Hope you find your purse!!
    :heart: Emmy
  3. I am afraid I don't know my bag seasons very well :noggin: what hardware and stitching does it have?
  4. I have a black nylon one, but I won't part with it ever. it is the sport size, I believe.
  5. The "new" multi-pockets have tonal stitching and gold hardware--I'm generally not a fan of gold hardware, but I think it looks GREAT against the black leather.

    If you definitely know that you want the bag, I'd call the MJ store in SF. Lauren is really sweet--she can track down the back within the MJ stores and have it sent to you. The only downside is that if you do a return, you only get store credit. But if you KNOW you want the bag, it's a great way to make sure you get one!

    Their number is (415) 362-6500--good luck!