the multi color cabat?

  1. i saw recently saw the multi color cabat irl.
    there was something pretty terrific about it but i'm not sure. what do you all think?
    it is goat and has a slight shine. i think the colors are s/s 2008 and handles are ebano. it seems stiffer than the ottone but i'm sure it would softer nicely.
    anyway what do you think?
    the picture is from syma's thread-thank you so much syma.
    multicolor cabat.jpg
  2. I haven't had the opportunity to see the multi coloured Cabat IRL yet, but it looks cute, even if it's not quite my style. All those colours look so summery/ resorty, which makes it look really good for taking to the beach etc!
  3. I think it looks yummy, it reminds me of M&M's! It is really pricey though (the large size is 3455 pounds) so only get it if you really love it (like your beautiful ottone cabat).
  4. OMG!!! I am sooo waiting for this...where did you see it? :nuts:

    I am totally in :heart: with cabats.

    I was told they were gonna be released soon but the SAs in Hong Kong were not sure when.

    I need to see it IRL to be able to this price point I'd say it must "sing" to me, for me to get it.

    Good luck and do post pics if you decide to get it, please. TIA!:flowers:
  5. i saw it on this week-nov 5th in new york.
    i went to the trunk show s/s2008 and they had the medium. it is pretty great and the colors are fantastic.
    i think i'm gonna have to pass on this one. a little too steep right now so one of you please check it out and let me know what you think and hopefully love it and get it.
    good luck and enjoy.
  6. honestly opinion and i hope i dont offend anyone.

    I LOVE CABATS! this one does not sing to me at all. :push:
  7. ^ have you seen it IRL catabie?

    please do tell what you think, I mean why it doesn't "sing" to you...
    just to add to what annie999 said...I so trust your good taste very much. :yes:

    your opinion, annie999's and others (pls chime in if you have seen one IRL) might just save me a trip to Hong Kong just to see this one. TIA! :flowers:
  8. never seen it IRL. i just think it looks like a beach bag. honestly for a bag this big having it in multicolor is too busy and loud. the design completely takes away the simplicity of the cabat which is what it makes the bag so special. this is just my opinion only; i am sure there are people who that can pull off this bag in great style.
  9. ^ yup, that's what I initially thought so too --- looks a bit "beach" material just the same as what nymph pointed out...

    I'll keep that in mind when I get the chance to check it out...thanks! :heart:
  10. I saw the multicolor Cabat at the store. I agree w/ Catabie that there's too much color going on this big bag. It's "too busy and loud." I would wait for the S/S 08 oxydized metallic bronze Cabat.
  11. I've not seen this in person either (I also couldn't clicked on the attachement for a bigger pic). Not a fan :nogood: Like what catabie and the rest mentioned, too many colours, too distracting, too loud. To me, clean lines is the signature of the Cabats. I'd wait together with uclaboi for the oxydized metallic bronze - sounds yummy!
  12. I just checked the multi-color cabat on the BV website (one of the Maier's picks) - looks too busy to me. It is the bag that you either love it or hate it. I am not thrilled with the color design - don't get me wrong, the bag is nicely made. It is just not a low key BV style bag I've seen usually.
  13. It's too busy for me personally but I do think it's a beautiful bag!
  14. still loving the multi cabat. went to see the large but didn't love it. too big with so much color going on. also very stiff. there is something about the bag i love. goat is my absolute favorite skin and i love each color and the ebano handles are perfect. just so expensive!