The Mulbrox Old bags care home!

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  1. I've decided to set up a Mulberry Old folks care home! Hahahaha!

    I bought this bag that Jazzy authenticated for me from eBay, and it was looking a bit sorry for itself, I've been looking for a Roxy for a while and wanted one 'worn in' although this was taking it to the extreme, here's the sellers pics....before the makeover



    It arrived today and I've given it the equivalent of a spa day, I can't believe what a few stitches (I need to weather those in a bit), a clean & nourish and some fray check can do, all I need now is to collonil it and its ready for some action! Hooray...Mulberry Roxanne actually has a Roxanne

  2. Wow you've done her proud :tup: She's not an old bag anymore, she's a mature lovely!
  3. Wow , congrats and what a transformation!! The old broad looks great!!
  4. What a big difference! Looks fabulous.
  5. congrats on getting the roxanne. n great makeover job! u shouldn't be calling it an old folks home, more like a makeover beauty salon for mulberrys. :smile:
  6. What a fabulous makeover job. I wish I could brush up as good.
  7. Great job! If the previous owner could see her now, she might have second thoughts... How much did you pay for it?
  8. Well done mulberry roxanne. Please tell us how you cleaned and nourished her?
  9. Thanks everyone, wasn't sure if I had my rose coloured specs on :roflmfao:

    Polar- she was £205 which after I bought her wondered if it was a bit steep, but as she has come up so well I'm ok with that.

    As for the clean and nourish, Mulberry would probably go mad but have you ever used 'Autoglym' products? They are a range of really good car cleaning products, they do a cleaning lotion and then a cream for nourishing that you use after.:tup:
  10. Roxy, what a fantastic job you've done! Congrats on the foxy new roxy. Good price, especially now you've transformed her. You are the Ruby Hammer of Mulberries!!
  11. What did you use???
    I need to spruce mine up a bit because I have not worn her all winter.
  12. I love it! Mulberries look better the older and more worn in they get, dont they?!
  13. Botoxed Roxy - fabulous!!

  14. Can I post myself for a makeover ? I resemble the before bag today.
  15. ^^^ I want one of those too!!! lol