The Mulberry Life

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  1. Hi you fab Mulberry Brits! :flowers:

    I thought I'd start a thread (for all we nonBrits) to ask questions about British life to the gals who know how to live it best!

    My first question is: do Jo Malone products ever go on sale? Is there such a thing as a Jo Malone outlet?
  2. I love Jo Malone products. Great thread idea!
  3. I had to google Jo malone as never heard of the brand. Obviously led a very sheltered existence!!!!:shame:
  4. No outlets sorry.

    People where queing up for hours to get her latest scent, not online either?
  5. I have never seen Jo Malone on sale.
    Shame really!
  6. NEVER heard of Jo Malone either
  7. So glad it wasn't just me aine !!!!:rolleyes:
  8. Jo Malone, not my thing really - I don't see the point in paying 20 quid for one small candle.
  9. I haven't heard of there being a sale but I know there is a concession in one of the Terminals at Heathrow Airport - perhaps Terminal 3? If you're flying out from there, TG, you'll be able to pick up some products duty free, saving 17.5% :tup:
  10. Okay, next question!

    What is your favorite tea, ladies? I developed a love for PG Tips when I was given a box. Is that an okay tea? Or do you ladies have a fabulous tea to share with me?
  11. Scottish Blend! Or Tetley, am sure PG Tips is good, must have tried it at some point but I do like my Scottish Blend, can 't beat a good cup of normal tea, milk + 1 sugar, please:tup:
  12. I'm drinking PG Tips atm, mainly because I was lured by free Monkey (TG, if you've not seen the adverts, this little chap is used to advertise PG Tips in the UK When I'm feeling posher, I like Twinings English Breakfast tea or Darjeeling.
  13. I'm a PG tips girl too!
  14. Who makes/sells Scottish Blend? And where can I buy these teas when I am in London?
  15. No kidding!!! I bought a bottle of her lotion for a fortune! Got suckered!! The lotion was so strong smelling, it drove my DH to a sneezing attack!!