The Mulberry lady in this month's Red magazine?

  1. Are you a TPF user?
  2. Mrs. Spoon, whats the article about in the magazine?
  3. I just had a quick flick through as the magazine is supposed to be for taking on holiday but it was a feature about people who have bought one designer item and it has sparked a bit of an obsession for the particular brand, one lady was rather taken with Mulberry. She didn't have an excess of handbags, just a bayswater, brooke and I think it was the large mabel but she had quite a few items of clothing. She had spent around £4,000 on her collection so far.
  4. is who a tPF user?
    This thread is confusing! LOL!
  5. I think Mrs Spoon is asking if the lady who is in the article in the magazine is on this forum- and if so reveal yourself!!!!
  6. Flyvetjo is correct, that's what I mean, apologies for not explaining myself very well. :shame:
  7. Oh I'll have to take a look at red magazine...I relate to a Mulbery obsession :nuts: