the mulberry joni?

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  1. Well I haven't bought a mulberry since january 20th! So I'm in the obsessing stage just now.............realised I don't have a messenger type bag and there is a space for this in my mulberry shelf. I've been browsing eBay and seen a claret joni and one in a "milkshake" shade. What do you ladies think of the joni? I love the fact that its a hobo slouchy style bag and the lightness of nappa leather :confused1:
  2. Well - not holding back....I hate nappa leather!, just too soft and delicate for me !

    I have a purse in this leather, actually thinking of putting it on ebay.

    Do they do this style of bag in a different leather, as the style is great, just don`t like nappa leather...........sorry :tdown:
  3. It's my "favourite" bag in that it was my dream bag, I got it, and I now use it most days. The washed nappa is beautiful - butter soft, but stains REALLY badly. Deals well with the rain, though. It's my most convenient bag and I love the fact it's lightweight and has a messenger strap.

    I bought a second one (bottle green from York for £150) but never used it as I didn't like it as much as my coffee one. I ended up selling it on eBay (and made a profit :wlae:) but have made a decision not to buy 2 of the same bags in the future.

    Agirlinwinter has a coffee Joni, too, but she doesn't like hers very much :nogood:
  4. How about if I got a darker colour joni and colonilled the *** out of it? Would that make a difference to staining? I dont think staining, ie jeans and jackets rubbing on the bag would bother me too much if it was on the back where noone could see it.

    ETA: thanks for your replies so far ladies, very helpful! wish the purse forum had a thanks button! you guys rock!
  5. Orkney- I love the look of the Joni, but I don't know anything about the nappa. My Jody is the weathered leather which is lightweight and very smooshy and I love it.

    I checked out the milkshake Joni and love it!
  6. Well, I colonilled it at first but just stopped bothering after the first stain appeared.

    It's just because it's a messenger on a long strap, it rubs against your jeans all the time, and dark denim stains badly. But, as you said, it's on the back. My strap is also badly marked - the natural oils in your skin affect the leather :rolleyes:

    That said, it's such a casual bag, it's sympathetic to the stains - much more so than the nappa Aralines would be.

    If they made it in soft nappa, I'd probably get one to replace my coffee Joni :yes:

  7. Oooh, yes, it's gorgeous :heart: The milkshake Joni is hampstead leather - not washed nappa. I think I saw a brown hampstead Joni last year at Bicester - the leather seems a bit more robust, but the cream would still get dirty so easily. Just the style of it, you know?

    The claret one doesn't seem to be in the best condition - or perhaps it's just bad photographs? I think the claret bag is/was £247 at the outlets - as far as I know, it was never reduced to £150, that was just the green Jonis.
  8. Most of jeans are faded, so would it still stain??? Thanks dita!!!
  9. I have one of the original jonis I think they made 2 versions mine is in chocolate but I think I am going to sell it as I have only used it once in the past couple of years it is beautiful though I think it may be a touch bigger than the later version I know it was more expensive

  10. My well washed and worn jeans still transfered dye onto a vinyl orla kiely bag I had so I'd still be a bit wary!:P
  11. My favourite jeans are very dark denim and they've managed to stain my Joni, Emmy and MbyMJ Faridah :crybaby: You'd think I'd have learnt the lesson but, no, I'm actually wearing them in the catwalk pics of my vanilla Roxanne :Push: I won't wear them out with an arm bag or messenger bag again, though.

    I don't really have any faded jeans at the moment :confused1: I read in Grazia the other day (UK weekly fashion magazine) that stonewash, faded jeans will be back in for the summer and my first thought was, yay, they won't stain my bags :yahoo: :lol:
  12. :police:
  13. mariemarie we are not allowed to sell or suggest to people that we want to sell on the forum I will be putting it on e bay though
  14. I'm sorry - I didn't mean to break any rules :sad:

    I'll probably be looking for your bag on ebay instead :smile:
  15. No problem mariemarie you havn't really broken the rules just thought I would let you know
    welcome to the forum do you have many mulberrys yet