The Mulberry girls of Oz: Mulberry fan club for Aussie chicks

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  1. #1 Jul 6, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2009
    Hello all :biggrin:,

    So, I said I'd start a thread like this a while ago because there aren't that many Australian Mulberry fans compared to UK fans and I'd like to talk to and hear from you all in one place.

    Please come in, introduce yourself, and post Australia-specific stuff. It can be not particularly glam like shipping, tax and duty information, or really exciting, like if there were 80 per cent off Mulberries somewhere in Sydney.

    I'll start. I'm ClaireL, I'm a huge Mulberryaholic, and I love helping fellow Aussies indulge their handbag obsessions too.

    Oh - I'll be as inclusive as possible. Anyone can post, including guys, or anyone really.
  2. Hi Claire I'm Inem, I'm in Melbourne and I'm a huge fan of Mulberry. Not an addict yet since I only own 1 Mulberry bag at the moment. I'm pretty sure it's not going to be my last though :biggrin:

    The only place that sells Mulberry in Melbourne is Myer but even there the selection is quite pathetic and the prices are ridiculous. So I reckon it's better off buying directly from the online shop.
  3. (Does it count that my sister - not a Mulberry fan - lives in Melbourne & has a rather nice Mulberry keyring that her bestestestest little sister gave her for Xmas?) :lol:

    Oh & if any of you Melbourne girls or boys ever get driven mad by your Mulberry obsession - she is a psychiatric nurse - you may just end up in her care :roflmfao:
  4. LMM, I might need her number sooner than I think, especially since I spend most of my waking hours ogling at all the lovely Mulberry bags own by the girls here.:biggrin:
  5. Hi Inem,

    Nice to talk to you. I'd have to agree with you re: Myer. I can only assume they (and DJ's in Sydney too) get hit with some kind of import tax because the prices seem very much higher than you'd pay in the UK. I think the spongy leather black small Mabel was actually about AU$800, and that was their discounted price!

    In Sydney, my green Poppy was very expensive even though it was 50 per cent off. The larger size Poppy was later available on TheOutnet for just a bit more, which made me sulk a lot!

    Still, I do hope Aussie department stores and other stores keep stocking Mulberry because it's so nice to try out a bag in person before you buy. But I think they're phasing them out in Sydney (so an SA tells me).

    I wonder if a Sydney-based Mulberry fan can tell me if they still have $50 sale keyrings at DJ's?

    Hi LovinMyMulberry - yes, of course you and your sis count. And what a lovely sister you are to spoil her with a little bit of Mulberry. I sure wish mine would, but actually usually it's me giving her stuff.

    I know other Aussie fans are out there. StylishP?
  6. She works at the Royal Melbourne hosp .. I will tell her you are on the way :lol:
  7. Excellent! It's very closed to where I live :lol:
  8. Hi,
    I am Audrey. I am from Melbourne and have had a love for Mulberry since my first purchase a few years ago of a long locked wallet ( that I still use everyday and still love!) I had a great time with the sale and now I have some lovely additions to my ever growing Mulberry family. In a way I wish there was a Mulberry store here but I prefer that these bags are not on everyones arm! Although a hidden outlet would be great too!
    I have just been into the city (thanks again Inem for directions!) and bought my can of collinil spray so I shall go and spray them all now!!
  9. No problem Audrey. Glad that you found it! Don't you feel like being a tad OCD though and buy the entire stock of Collonil in the shop, in case you ever ran out! I do feel a bit that way.
  10. Hello Audrey, nice to hear from you.
    Oooh - didn't know we could get Collonil in Australia. I've been making do with Waproo products (they're the ones with the silly duck on the can) because an Aussie girl in the Chloe forum thinks they're good. They're not bad at all.
  11. I didn't even know Waproo is good. Actually Waproo products are a lot easier to find here than Collonil.
    Collonil I find it in this leather repair shop which has been recommended to me to repair, resole expensive shoes by the SA in the high end boutiques here. I keep that in mind, next time I can't find Collonil.
    Thanks Claire for the info!
  12. I have sprayed and I think I did it properly! Inem OCD absolutely because I have nearly used the whole can, I did 4 bags, a wallet and my shoes so I will probably need another can soon. How often will you spray yours?
    ClaireL thanks for starting this thread and from what I hear generally the old shoe maker stores tend to stock the collonil brand. You may have to search around.
    So are we all saving for the next sale!!!
  13. Audrey I plan to spray mine weekly since I'm on a mission to break it in and carry my A4 Roxanne every day. I don't like the matteness of the leather at the moment. I want the patina to develop so carrying it every day I will! My can is still pretty full at the moment, maybe because I only spray 1 bag. It's awesome stuff, isn't it!

    I definitely save up for the upcoming sale! No doubt about it!
  14. Yep, Waproo is my friend. Not bad, but if I could find Collonil in the capital, I'd use it.

    I have used Waproo colourless refurbishing polish on antiqued leather and also glace. Worked a treat.

    I haven't actually sprayed any of my bags. Not much rain here.
  15. Hi girls, Im a Mulberry girl who has moved from London to Melbourne and wondering where I can buy some collinil spray here, mine has run out from the UK and dont know what to use here and would prefer collinil? Your help would be appreciated. Thanks sin x