The Mulberry Feeling

  1. Hi Ladies! Ijust wanted to share that I realize that when I carry a Mulberry -- I FEEL GREAT! I feel special, and perfect, and cozy, and stylish. I feel smart and solid with my priorities in the right place.

    I do have a few other bags of other brands...and I do enjoy them, but I noticed that when I carry my Mulberry -- I really get all these incredibly good endorphin feelings. Like a Mulberry is good for my soul. It is surprising to me that an object can have such power! :heart:
  2. AKA The Mulberry Orgasm!
  3. ^^ So it would be in every SO/DH's interest to provide his companion with Mulberry handbags every now and then because we all know that no man can deliver every time....?
  4. Amen, Amen, and Amen!!!! TG - you are so right!

    Love the MB orgasm!! Keep em coming!! oops that didn't sound right:shame:
  5. Yes, yes, yes, YES, YES, YES!
  6. Amen, Amen, and Amen!!!! TG - you are so right!

    Love the MB orgasm!! Keep em coming!! oops that didn't sound right:shame::shame:

    double post what an idiot!!!
  7. I can take over one of your doubled posts - totally agree:yahoo:!
  8. Sorry TG - will be serious now!
    I know what you mean about Mulberry. I can be feeling a right old state but chuck on a Mulberry bag & I can kid myself I'm hot to trot!
    Have to say, in the old feel-good stakes, magenta Hanover notches up the highest ratings. Maybe because it's such a 'look at me' colour, it makes me stick my chest out, pull back my shoulders, yank in my stomach & sway those hips!
  9. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you all smoking something a bit smelly?? kwim??
    Hahahaha!! You lunatics!!!
    Reminds me of When Harry Met Sally!!!! Lol!!!!!!!!!!!

    Actually,do you do that walking down the street??? I just look in shops!!lol!!

    Hahahaha!! I don't carry my object of pleasure down the street,I'd get arrested!!
  10. Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit....:lol:
  11. TG - I really do know what you mean at least concerning the Bayswater. I love the fact that no one here but me knows how special she is. I know it will be the same when I dare to take Annie out (hidden from DH for now).
  12. Bloody hell, I thought I was bad you lot have lost the plot, God I missed all the fun!!!
  13. Tara, where have you been??? I have missed you terribly!!!
  14. Good to be back!!!!
    Justin decided to sort out the office and being a man he done half,left it and then went away taking his laptop with him.
    So for the last few days I have had no access at all!!!
    Actually its surprising what I`ve got done with no internet, cleaned house from top to bottom, played with the kids and even cleaned the car!!!
    Good to be back :dothewave:
  15. Hahaha!! Are you a bloody mind reader or something!! LOL!!:nuts::lol: