The Mulberry Catwalk PICS ONLY

  1. Mono Mabel.
    mono Mabel 3.JPG mono Mabel 5.JPG mono Mabel 1.JPG
  2. I've started a thread with these pictures but I thought I should put them on here too to keep the modelling pics together.

    Here is my new Chocolate Roxanne. For the record I'm 5ft 4in and a UK 14/16.
    Roxy 1.jpg Roxy 2.jpg Roxy 3.jpg
  3. Here is my new Oak Bayswater - have I posted this bag enought times yet?:rolleyes:
    Mod Bays 1.jpg Mod Bays 2.jpg Mod Bays 3.jpg
  4. Me with my oak Bayswater :smile:
  5. My Large Poppy
    model1.jpg model2.jpg
  6. Can you stand yet another pic of a Bayswater? Here's my eBay chocolate Bays with me in my mommy uniform. I'm 5'1".

    Thanks to JazzyJay and Chaz for authenticating and answering my Collonil questions! :flowers:
    SD630_IMG_6058 [1024x768].JPG SD630_IMG_6057 [1024x768].JPG SD630_IMG_6046 [1024x768].JPG
  7. Here are modelling photos of my Oak Phoebe. I'm 5ft 4in and a UK size 14/16.
    Phoebe 1.jpg Phoebe 2.jpg
  8. Here's my Chocolate Antony. I'm 5ft 4in and a UK Size 14/16.
    Antony 1.jpg Antony 2.jpg
  9. Me and my Oak Smithfield


  10. [​IMG]

    Georgie in Aqua glove. I'm 5'4 and a lil' bit!
  11. Me and my lemon emmy im 5'2.


  12. Choccy roxy! i am 5 foot and a size 10.:nuts:

    yup! and the cat (rascal) got in on the action again LOL
    17052008001.jpg 17052008002.jpg 17052008003.jpg 17052008004.jpg
  13. PB deleted my piccies.. so here is an attached version..

    Aqua mabel i am 5ft size 10. :nuts:
    18042008710.jpg 18042008711.jpg 18042008712.jpg 11042008699.jpg
  14. Ditto with the black patent smithfield!!
    11042008706.jpg 11042008703.jpg
  15. And the oak effie (even includes closeup of the boots i always coordinate the bag with LOL)!!! :wlae:
    22052008010.jpg 22052008009.jpg 22052008007.jpg 22052008008.jpg