The Mulberry Catwalk PICS ONLY

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  1. #1 Dec 13, 2007
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  2. Oak Bayswater - Darwin leather. Coral Mini-Mulberry keyring. I'm 5' tall.
    CIMG9286.JPG oak_mulberry.JPG
  3. Purple Bayswater
    Soft grain, tumbled leather
    I'm 5'1....with heels!
  4. Chocolate Elgin. 5'5''
  5. chocolate bayswater, 5'6''
    pic121507_2.jpg pic121507_1.jpg
  6. Ok,here are mine,I'm 5'6'' and size 6/8
    First up black Annie £595,bought for £416
    Chocolate Roxanne £595
    Oak Elgin £495
    Chocolate Blenheim £395
    bags and stuff 092.JPG bags and stuff 097.JPG bags and stuff 098.JPG bags and stuff 106.JPG
  7. Pink Martha messenger. RRP £495. Paid £44.10 in sale. I'm 5ft 2ins, 16-18.

    Magenta Hanover. RRP £495. Paid £357 in sale.
    Martha 1.JPG Martha 2.JPG Martha 3.JPG Hanover 1.JPG Hanover 2.JPG
  8. East-West Bayswater in Oak printed leather, and Belle in chocolate natural leather.

    I'm 5'2 and size 8.
    Mulberry East-West Bayswater.jpg Mulberry Belle.jpg
  9. My black Antony in natural leather. I'm 5'6'' ( size 12)

    img_0657 (2).jpg
  10. Here's the chocolate buffalo Henley I picked up at the sale. It's not quite what I expected, but all the same it is a gorgeous bag! I'm 5'1" and in the picture the bag is still packed full with the paper stuffing it came with:
    IMG_4333 [1024x768].JPG IMG_4331 [1024x768].JPG IMG_4334 [1024x768].JPG IMG_4336 [1024x768].JPG
  11. My trusty Oak Ledbury.

    I'm 5'6'' and a size 10-ish...
    madeira july 2007 020 small.JPG