The Muffin Top

  1. Hi Ladies,

    If you don't know what a muffin top is - it's the chub that pops out over the top of your pants (ie. like a muffin).

    I've just dropped the last of my baby weight and am having trouble shifting this from the tops of my hips, my tum is OK, it's just the sides. I can do crunches until the cows come home but don't know of any exercise that can target this specific area. It's not that bad, but irritating more than anything.

    Any suggestions?
  2. OMG! Cal, I have the exact same problem! My muffin is just hanging on for dear life. My trainer at Pilates is having my do tons of ab work (on the mat and on teh reformer- which is different than just crunches)- and it is slowly making a difference.

    I just thought of something helpful. There is a video/dvd that is AMAZING! It is called the "Secret to Flat Abs" by Moira Stott. She is incredible! you can get it at - it works!
  3. I'm always going to have a muffin top if I wear low-cut jeans, so I try to find pants or jeans that hang perfectly over the "problem area." Therefore the muffin is gone. I've resolved myself to the fact that not all sexy pants will look good on me, so I find the best fit for my body. :shame:

    Exercises won't take away what mother nature intended. :smile: BTW I am about 115 lbs now, and the muffin is still there. :smile: To hell with a washboard stomach, I just buy the best-fitting pants.
  4. me too. my daughter is now 2 yrs old and I have lose alot of baby fat...but the muffin top is there, so I start looking for pants that hides the problem....or wear a tummy slimmer...that'll low rise for me...:noworry:
  5. Pilates is great. So you have these vids? Do they work for real in your opinion?
  6. I've had good results doing back extension strength exercises with weight. It strengthens the lower back and abs, if you do them with controlled movements. I highly recommend these.
  7. Are you talking about exercises on a hyperextension machine holding free weights?
  8. My sis has the classic apple shape, the only thing that shrinks her muffin top is eliminating simple sugars (white flour, sugar, pasta, rice) and eating lots of protein and fiber. She was told to try it by a friend of ours who is a fitness model, according to her it's the only surefire way (combined with high intensity cardio and toning) to shrink that area.
  9. Hi Megs! I am a bit of a Pilates slut! I do have the video as well as a ton of other ones from Stott (most for me are for the Reformer). The Secret to Flat Abs is one of their best sellers for a reason- it absolutely works! Before I got pregnant, I had a well defined flat stomach (not a 6 pack, but nice definition) and a much stonger core because of this video and doing Pilates in general. Even now, and I still have a few pounds to loose, I am getting back the definition of my stomach. SO I highly recommend it!

    I have purchased other videos (not from Stott) over the years, and I do not believe they work for well, or as well. I really believe and endorse the Stott pilates method because it truly worked for me!
  10. I do these side leg lifts, where i start with my arm up perpendicular to the floor, and i laterally bend my knees up and bring my elbow down to meet my knee at the side. this is a tae bo move and it really works.. it takes a few weeks though for great results!
  11. I hate to tell you this but it will be very difficult to lose this without losing fat everywhere else as well.

    I'm sure you know this but you cannot "spot reduce", when you lose fat, you lose it all over therefore the "fattier" areas are the last to go because there is more to lose. Often areas like you're describing are known as having "excercise resistant fat", same as with the saddle bag area and the lower belly. Liposuction is sometimes the only way to get rid of this.

    What also will help is not a specific excercise for that area but doing cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. You are more efficient at burning fat in this state so if you start doing this, you will be blown away by the difference it makes. You will likely lose fat all over, and eventually you will see your 'muffin tops' go down.
  12. thanks LucreziaCA for that info:biggrin: ..I am an apple shape and always battling my middle section even way before I had kids. Being asian, with white rice as a staple, it is gonna be a challenge but, it is the way to go especially I have enroll in a gym and doing spinning, kickboxing 5x/week ..that will help big time.
  13. i'm 5'2 and lost 20 LBs in the past 3 months.. i still have my muffin top and have been working out like crazy! could it just be an area that is impossible to get rid of?
  14. Being 5'2", 113 lbs and apple shaped, my excess will collect in the lower pooch. Even at 12% body fat (approximately), I still have a small muffin top which is partly excess skin (from years of gaining and losing weight). Core exercises such as planks and bridges plus lots of abdominal training using a stability ball and medicine ball has helped flatten the area but what really brings it down fast is clean eating - complex good carbs, less fats, lean protein. When I stay disciplined with diet my abs have nice cuts but unfortunately I'm a carboholic most of the time!
  15. Thanks..I bought a lot of Pilates dvds and none helped at all.
    I'll try this one...