the MPRS Bubblegum Office is back! BIN $1299 or Best Offer!

  1. I love that color but I want it in the Twiggy or City.:yes:
  2. I like that color...its starting to grow on me...her shipping is a little high...$60 with insurance...
  3. I have shipped bags abroad before (which I insured for about $500) and it always cost me around $50 to do so. I think $60 is probably about right if the bag is insured for about $1K.
  4. :yahoo: Beautiful bag. She's ships the bag from Hong Kong and it is delivered FAST, which explains the $60 shipping cost. :yes:
  5. Same here, would love to find a mint condition BG city.:yes:
  6. Was this a popular color? I like pink, but I dont want to carry a bag that may be pepto bismol pink... is that what color it is in person? Or are pictures deceiving?
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